Equities First Holdings Gains Popularity with Its Innovative Products and Services

Today’s economic climate is characterized by the tight lending criteria upheld by banks and other lending institutions. This is a blow to the borrowers who need urgent loans and do not qualify to borrow the same from traditional lenders. Financial Institutions have cut their lending options to clients. They have also increased interest rates and restricted loan qualifications. With this kind of environment, most borrowers are opting to use stock as loan collateral to secure working capital. Equities First Holdings (EFH), a global alternative lender, offers stock-based loans and margin loans. Christy, Jr., the founder and CEO of EFH, said that stock-based loans is an innovative borrowing option for those in need of working capital and learn more about Equities.

Compared to margin loans, stock-based loans have a higher loan-to-value ratio of 50-75 percent and offer fixed interest rate. With a fixed interest rate, borrowers lower their investment risks during market fluctuations. Christy explained that most stock-based loans allow a borrower to walk away from a stock loan at any time. On the other hand, margin loans interest rates vary from one situation to another. The loan-to-loan value ranges between 10 and 50. Margin loans require a borrower to use the money for a specific purpose. Christy argues that most borrowers ignore stock-based loans because lenders dumped borrower’s collateral into the open market, failed to return the stock when the transaction matured or were unable to handle other concerns and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

Equities First offers businesses and high net-worth individuals with tailored solutions that facilitates quick and efficient funding. Once a borrower proposes a given collateral, the valuation process follows to determine if the request qualifies for a loan. Thereafter, the team determines the terms of the loan and calculates the involved rates. EFH has built the business on the foundation of transparency and integrity where they rely on leading legal, trading and regulatory institutions for counsel. The security-based loans that are offered by EFH gives borrowers the freedom to decide how to spend the money since they offer non-purpose loans. They guarantee secure and legal transactions, which uphold industry standards. The institution works with trusted accounting and legal partners. Clients are able to retain all the dividends and market appreciation when the transaction matures and this company of Linkedin.

Equities First Providing Special (Alternative) Lending Solutions

Equities First uncommon means via which people and associations get money when the need emerges, fills the gap in the current world economic crisis. The organization gives a one of a kind sort of loan alluded as stock loan. Equities First products comes at a time when securing traditional loans has become hard. Exactly when the terms of the loan are done, the stocks are set apart back over to their proprietors. Equities First uses your stock as collateral after which you are given cash worthy of 60% to 80% the value of your stock. Additionally, there is a smaller charge of 3 to 5 percent for the loan. Despite the fact that there are different associations that give these sorts of loans, Equities First Holdings has retained its good reputation in its services. The 15 years of alternative lending services has made the organization to be trusted for individuals and affiliations looking for quick loans and read full article.

The protection used to secure the loans are typically secured by means of Dow Jones stocks or via the counter. These loans offer a better way of acquiring emergency loans particularly for people who don’t have different alternatives of acquiring loans. Small business owners can discover these loans of extraordinary help when commencing their activities and when developing their businesses. The first stock loan at Equities First was provided by the founder Al Christy, Jr., who gave the loan to the farmer who experienced low yields. Not having other sources of acquiring emergency loans, the agriculturist turned to Equities First alternative lending services and acquired a loan using his stock has security and which he paid within duration of one year. Today, majority of business people have turned to stock loans as the easier way of acquiring working capital.

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