Michael Lacey Shares Renowned Mathematics Theories and Doctoral Studies

As an American mathematician, Michael Lacey has shared his enormous knowledge as Professor of Mathematics at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

The University was founded in 1885 and is widely known throughout the country for its public research. With an enriched endowment program of $1.8 billion, Georgia Tech ranks in the top 100 Universities within the country. In 2017, the mathematics program was ranked at number 28.

The University has honorable alumni such as former President of the United States Jimmy Carter and legendary golfer Bobby Jones. Michael joined the faculty in 1996.

Michael’s PH.D was received from the University of Illinois in 1987. His postdoctoral fellowship was completed at the Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina.

Michael later held a position at the Indiana University and during that tenure he facilitated the study of bilinear Hibert transform which is a renowned linear operation named after the German mathematician David Hilbert. His theories and studies has been historically respected and awarded the Lobachevsky Prize from the Russian Academy of Sciences for mathematics studies.

Michael’s theory of Hilbert transform was rigorously conjectured by many well-known mathematicians, and he was ultimately able to solve it and awarded the Salem Prize in 1996.

The Salem Prize is awarded to mathematicians who have shown outstanding accomplishments as well as for work that is conducted based on the theory of Fourier series. The award put Michael on a highly-prestigious list which only includes 52 other recipients to this date.

Michael routinely mentors students in their post-doctoral and doctoral fellowship studies. He is a member of the National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in Mathematical Sciences and has mentored 10 students throughout his respected career.

He is also world-known for his extensive theory researches that have been recognized by the Simons Foundation which is one of the world’s leading foundations for advancing research in mathematics and basic sciences.

During his role as Professor, Michael has also found time to advise many undergraduates at Georgia Tech who have gone on to high levels of achievement and professional success after completing their graduate programs.

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