Sentient AI – Personalized Merchandising

Personalization in e-commerce, such as personalized shopping followed by personalized merchandising, is becoming the “go to” method of doing business. It is arguably the “holy grail” by some accounts, and everyone is trying to perfect it. To give an example, when someone goes to a large clothing store, the first thing they will do is ask a sales associate where exactly they can find what they are looking for. The associate will then direct them to the relevant area. This is basically how personalized shopping and merchandising works in the brick-and-mortar world.

When it comes to e-commerce, things start to get tricky very fast. Questions like how does one make the customer navigate the site that best suits their needs? or how does one show only the right product at the correct time? The simple answer is to do personalized merchandising. In a nutshell, it means showing the correct product to the correct person at the right price. The first step in this process is to collect as much data about the shoppers spending and viewing habits when they visit the online store. The most important set of data in this situation is product data, followed by good data management practices. Until this is done, there is no use talking about personalized merchandising.

Sometimes when someone is looking for a product on a website, they have trouble using text to find exactly what they want. What Sentient AI based personalized merchandising does in this scenario is to use visual clues to help out the customer. If the aforementioned example was used in this scenario, they would look at some examples of clothes or colors before pinpointing exactly what they are looking for. This is way more attractive than just seeing some words or text when looking for something. This type of interaction with the website where the customer gets to see attractive visual cues will make them more likely to keep browsing on the website and ultimately purchase something. Sentient AI personalized merchandising can also help with showing the way a product is supposed to be used, based on its design. Visit to know more about Sentient.