Fortress Investment Group Expands Brightline Railways

Brightline, a railroad transportation company, recently announced that a unanimous vote of three to zero by the Florida Development Finance Corp has brought about a needed $1.15 billion dollars in Federal bonds and a refinancing of 600 million dollars in private equity bonds. These approvals were needed to expand the Miami to West Palm Beach Route of train service the Brightline offers. The improvments are not slated to be finished until 2021. Brightline is also working towards expansion to Tampa Bay and Orlando, with a stop in Fort Lauderdale.

Brightline is owned by Fortress Investment Group, an assest management company. Fortress has invested money in several different companies in several different economic areas such as real estate, media, and transportation. With this financial boost, Brightline will be creating an estimated 2,000 jobs and generating a revenue worth $2.4 billion dollars. If the company expands to Orlando for railway service, it could create 6,600 jobs in this region of Florida with $400 million in construction revenues for companies.

So far, the future looks bright for Brightstar. Commuters enjoy the fact they are not on packed freeways fighting traffic. An average commute from Miami to West Palm Beach is 74 minutes, so the railway would be great for tourism. And Fortress Investment Group has another successful investment on their roster.

Fortress Investment Group was created in 1998 by Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. The group has over $41.4 billion dollars in assets currently. And they manage assets for over 1700 people or businesses. The assets they manage are a combination of credit, private equity, permanent capital investment strategies, and real estate. Fortress Investment Group employs over 1,100 people and are headquartered in New York, with affliate offices worldwide. As a joint effort, Fortress and Brightline are actively looking into offering rail service to other major connecting cities.

Matt Badiali: Investing in the Energy Independence of America with Freedom Checks

If you have been paying attention to the news in the investing scene, you have probably already heard about the recent viral video posted by Matt Badiali. In this video, the natural resource investing expert for Banyan Hill Publishing Company discusses a discovery which he calls Freedom Checks. He describes them as an exciting opportunity for investors who wish to invest in the energy independence of America. The name is attributable to Matt Badiali himself, but the concept behind it is sound. Read this article at

Matt Badiali has been in the finance industry for over 20 years at this point and has experienced a large degree of success and is also known to have helped many people experience similar levels of success through the advice that he gives. However, even though he is very successful in the finance industry is original career path had him working towards being a career scientist. He originally received his Bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences before going to Florida Atlantic University in pursuit of his Master’s degree in geology. It was during his time at the University of North Carolina where he was working towards his Ph.D. while teaching classes in geology that he was first contacted with an offer to join the finance industry.

He was recruited to be a part of a research team that would help create investment advice by researching the corporations firsthand. It was during a project in the oil and natural gas industry that Matt Badiali first learned of Statute 26-F. In the 1980s in an effort to help incentivize corporations in the oil and natural gas industry Congress passed Statute 26-F. This legislation created a new organization classification which is known as a master limited partnership. The largest benefit of being classified as a master limited partnership is a complete lack of tax liability. Visit to know more.

There are obviously huge incentives for a company to meet the requirements to be considered a master limited partnership; however, there are also some key requirements that are needed for a corporation to be considered one. First, a corporation needs to be able to prove that they derive 90% of their income from the processing, storage, transportation, and production of oil and natural gas. In addition to proving their sources of income, a master limited partnership is also required to pay out portions of its revenue regularly throughout the year to its investors. This is what Matt Badiali is referring to whenever he speaks of Freedom Checks.


Unique Personal Financial Tips and Opportunities from Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman has been the editor of the Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He is a specialist in low-risk investment plans, asset protection, privacy, and international migration issues. He attended the University of Cape Town graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics, and later earned a BS in business administration from the State University, before earning his MBA in Finance from Georgia State University. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

The Bauman letter is aimed at helping people take advantage of prevailing options and be in charge of their financial situation. The Bauman letter incorporates logical and step by step plans of growing, maintaining and safeguarding personal wealth in a number of ways. For you to enjoy your life in privacy without the worries of finances, Ted Bauman takes you through ways to use the resources you have away from corporate interference and federal oversight. He is passionate about providing people with financial knowledge about areas in the national economy where they touch on their well-being, safety, health, wealth creation, and their freedom. The Bauman Letter has handled insightful topics such as eating out at half price, how to land a dream vacation for free, how to increase retirement investments and other tips on making the most out of financial situations.

He was born in Maryland, Washington, D.C. before he immigrated to South Africa as a young man, where for 25 years he was involved in the executive leadership of a non-profit organization. He worked as a fund manager for low-cost housing projects and founded Slum Dwellers International.

For people interested in achieving safe, long-term and solid gains that are over the market targets, Ted Bauman recommends people to invest in alternative-weighting ETFs. This follows the Reverse Cap Weighted U.S. Large-Cap ETF (NYSE: RVRS) which S&P 500 component weighting are flipped and determined by an inverse of their relative market capitalization. He says the flipped EFTs have performed better than the S&P 500.

Additionally, Ted Bauman recommends giving part of your investment to a time-tested statistical relationship he calls the Smart Money System. He says Smart Money has beaten the S&P 500 over time and in the short time. He quotes the 24% increase in Smart money this year, versus 16.7% for the S&P 500. In last ten years, Smart Money returns were 125% higher than the S&P 500, higher than the excess gains from the alternative-weighting ETFs.



Ted Bauman: Strong Performance Likely In Emerging Markets

Ted Bauman is able to provide a unique perspective on the function of national and international economies in his work for Banyan Hill Publishing Company as a trained economist and the editor of The Bauman Letter. The Bauman Letter is currently the most highly viewed publication from Banyan Hill Publishing Company.

Ted Bauman has had a long career in the field of economics and the financial industry. He first received an education from the University of Cape Town in South Africa where he was able to complete his Bachelor’s degree and graduated with a degree in economics. He then began to work as a consultant. He was first a consultant for businesses and corporations but was able to quickly work his way up to become a consultant for several national governments, and eventually even the United Nations. At the time his father Bob Bauman was an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing Company and was planning his eventual retirement. During his retirement plans, Bob Mehlman contacted his son and offered him a position as his replacement as an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Follow Ted Bauman at

Today Bob Bauman writes on the benefits of foreign living and investment as well as investment strategies that allow an individual to protect their assets and their privacy. Over the last year, Ted Bauman has seen a unique trend in the stock market. In one instance he was able to purchase the stock the quickly experienced a 13% gain in three weeks compared to the 2.5% gain of the S&P 500. The stock in question was part of an electronics company from South Africa known as iShares MSCI.

The reason that the stock experienced such rapid gains was that at the time in the nation of South Africa a political election resulted in a strong reformer being elected president. As a result, the financial markets in South Africa quickly experienced significant gains. Ted Bauman attributes his success with these investments due to his habit of paying close attention to emerging markets. He is now advising his readers to pay attention to the emerging markets around the world as he believes they will perform incredibly well in the coming year. Ted Bauman believes that they will perform much better than American stock indexes due to several factors. The US dollar has been declining in value in 2017. As a result of the declining value, the stocks in emerging markets have increased in terms of the US dollar.



Jeff Yastine’s Career and the Rush for Kennedy Accounts

On his blog, Jeff Yastine describes himself as an ex-financial journalist with vast experience in interviewing some of the best financial experts in stock markets, financiers as well as entrepreneurs. He continues to say that he did not just interview these experts but also garnered experience from their stories with the aim of empowering himself. Luckily for Yastine, the experts he interviewed were more than willing to share their knowledge with him. So Yastine invested time in learning more about investment. Currently, he is a successful investor. Here is a look at how Jeff Yastine got to where he is now. Visit the website to learn more.

Mr. Yastine attended the University of Florida for a course in journalism. After graduation, he got a job as a television reporter in North Carolina. Yastine worked in various markets including in Raleigh-Durham. Perhaps that is how he was introduced to the industry of careers. Yastine was lucky to get an employment opportunity at Nightly Business Report, an affiliate of PBS. He worked as a reporter and often interviewed top-notch investors with Warren Buffet topping the list.

Yastine worked as the program’s top anchor. At that moment, it was evident that newscast had a relatively higher turnout regarding viewership. That was an added advantage to Yastine.

Moreover, he was helpful in identifying early investment opportunities for viewers of NBR. Among them were companies that later became substantial stock winners. Some of the companies he recognized and have been successful include Carnival Corp and Royal Caribbean.

Jeff Yastine learned a lot about international finance and markets. His success is majorly attributed to his experience in interviewing the likes of laureate Richard Thaler, the winner of 2017’s Nobel Peace Prize. In the interview, Yastine focused his questions on behavioral economics. Having worked with various members of Congress, governors and even senators, Jeff Yastine was now ready to explore investment options. Follow:

As at now, he works at Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor. His input has been outstanding to the point of receiving great viewing from prospective investors. According to Yastine, everyone can make it in life. That is why he explains his position in Kennedy Accounts.

For more than 23 years, Yastine has studied the stock market. He says that the Jeff Yastine Kennedy Accounts are legitimate and have been proven to work. Famously known as Direct Stock Purchase Plans, only a few investors have risked putting their money in this investment docket. The Yastine Kennedy Accounts are strategically positioned to assist investors in making money.
Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Advice On Brazilian Investments

The growing financial sector of Brazil is ideal for investors to return to. Maximum benefits are being seen by people like Igor Cornelsen who patiently waited for this day. The economy is improving with positive gains being consistent in Brazil and full production is back in China. There are things that you have to know before investing in foreign property for the first time. It is important to be prepared, the are unique issues before spending money when it comes to Brazil. Igor Cornelsen simplifies these things and gives strategies to maximize profits without taking unnecessary risks by avoiding pitfalls.

Learn Currency Restrictions

The currency controls in Brazil are strict. An authorized exchange or bank has to be used by those who are not local businesses or residents. The transaction type will cause the exchange rates to vary making it important to research currency laws.

Connect Locally

There are lots of business oriented people and entrepreneurs in Brazil so businesses run off of networking and relationships. This is what Igor Cornelsen believes makes it so easy to connect in Brazil. Check ireport.cnn to know more about Igor Cornelsen’s methods

Red Tape

The red tape can make it difficult to do business since there are strict regulations from the government of Brazil. Researching the market to become familiar with regulations is important because the market is growing. Brazil recovers from economic disaster which is why Cornelsen can not stay away from the Brazilian market. His investment firm aids foreign investors understand the economy in Brazil and his strategy for investment works.

Igor Cornelsen offers important tips to investors and tells them to connect with Brazilians before investing in the market. They can offer you investment advice from first hand experience with Brazil’s economy. Native Brazilians see the influences and changes to the market so they know what it takes for a profitable investment. The government of Brazil is known for underperforming and over regulating so you will have to wade through a labor market that is restrictive, silly regulations and high taxes.

Investors need authorized bank to deal with local restrictions on currency and foreign exchange while being aware of the restrictions on foreign currency. The exchange rate is not set for foreign currency, instead the exchange rate is set by the transaction.

See more on Igor Cornelsen:

Paul Mamphilly’s Reputation in the Finance Industry

Paul Mamphilly is reputable finance professional who made significant accomplishments in the sector. He formerly worked on Wall Street and made millions of dollars. Mamphilly currently acts as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, which hired him in 2016. He has been assisting the company in providing advisory solutions to Main Street Americans on how they can gain wealth from technology, investments, small-cap stocks, and unique opportunities. Mamphilly runs informative newsletters such as Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes.

The first employer of Mr. Mamphilly was the Bankers Trust, which hired him in 1991. The Wall Street-based company appointed him to act as its assistant portfolio manager, a position that offered him a lot of exposure. He was later given a job by ING and Deutsche Bank where he had an opportunity to supervise accounts that had millions of dollars. The finance expert then got a better position at Kinetic Asset Management where he acted as hedge fund manager. The company had assets that were worth about $6 billion when it hired him, and its value grew to $25 billion during his tenure in office. Mamphilly was an excellent manager of the hedge fund and was able to increase its turnover to 26 percent. Baron acknowledged the performance of Kinetic Asset Management and listed it among the world’s leading hedge funds.

In 2008, the Templeton Foundation hosted an investment competition that the involved several financial experts. Paul took part in the contest and was a finalist. The firm offered $50 million to all the investors who were involved in the challenge. Mamphilly used his outstanding expertise to grow his share to over $88 million within the first year. The competition was held during a time when the U.S was facing a serious crisis in the financial industry. The volatility of the finance sector did not hinder Paul from making profits.

Mamphilly accomplished a lot while working on Wall Street but he is currently retired. The finance expert quit his career because he needed to spend more time with his wife and children. He was also focused on offering a platform for the small investors to accumulate wealth from their ventures. Paul wanted to support middle-income earners to improve themselves since he was tired of making money for the rich. Despite retiring from Wall Street, Mamphilly still offers advisory services to people across the world. Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum have advised thousands of Main Street American on their finances. Watch Paul Mampilly at Youtube.

George Soros is Back and Here to Stay

The American political landscape is undergoing massive, dramatic changes. The 2016 presidential election was something right out of the world of HBO. The rise of Donald Trump and his bizarre brand of ‘America First’ populism was captivating to watch but also frightening from another perspective. Trump tapped into an America that many people didn’t know, or didn’t want to know, could exist. All of that is to say that George Soros, a world renowned progressive and philanthropist, knew it was his time to return to the political fray. With Trump rising as a firebrand on the national stage, Soros knew that it was his duty to jump in and defend progressive values. Read this article at Washington Times.

George Soros most famously backed Al Gore back in 2004 during his election campaign against then-President George W. Bush. Gore would fall short but not before giving a platform and a voice to George Soros, not that the needed one. Soros came to America by ship after having fled Nazi-occupied Hungary some years prior. Soros would go on to start the most successful fund we can think of, the Soros Hedge Fund, and from there he would begin to become a catalyst for progressive change all around the country and eventually the world. Along the way Soros would gain a reputation as one of the few billionaires who proudly stood up for progressive values and that would make him enemy #1 to most conservatives and hard line right wing politicians.

Soros’ leaped into the 2016 election campaign with abandon, immediately donating nearly $25 million to democratic causes up and down the ticket — including that of the Clinton Campaign. Soros would donate a stunning $7 million to Hillary Clinton in order to help fuel her campaign. Though she would fall short Soros was still able to make an important announcement –he was back and ready to make a difference in the political world.

Soros has been accomplishing some major political work even from outside of the political machine over the decades. More than anything, Soros believes in fighting for the right of the people to make a difference in their own lives. That is why the Open Society Foundations has done so much to help fund grassroots activists in the United States and even abroad. Giving political power and capitol to the people is the surest way to ensure that democracy stays a vital part of the political world. Know more on about George Soros.

One particular place where Soros’ activist-first funding took root was in Ferguson, MO. George Soros had donated nearly $30 million in funding to activists and grassroots campaigns around the city and that came to light during the Ferguson Protests. Due to Soros’ donations the Ferguson Protests were able to bring in some real scrutiny on racial inequality amongst the Ferguson Police Department.

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Richard Blair’s Lessons; How to Handle the Voices in Our Heads

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a company that offers clients with advice on how to grow their assets. Through Blair, customers have found someone much capable of guaranteeing their success. Located in Texas, Wealth Solutions under Blair’s unmatched leadership has been able to grow and thrive thus giving its competitors a run for their money. Richard who has certifications in CFS, CES, RICP, and CAS has been able to operate his investment advisory company as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm thus making the organization legit.Learn more :



Blair’s success story is something out of the moon. He attributes his wins to his determination to succeed coupled with his ability to follow a given strategy during his pursuits for financial excellence. By using Wealth Solutions, Richard has been able to help folks hailing from the Austin, Texas region achieve economic fulfillment. For a long time, Wealth Solutions has been making use of a particular working model. When approached by a customer, the corporation first takes its time to understand the financial situation as well as the retirement obligations of the individual. By carrying out a SWOT analysis of the client, Richard Blair’s company has become better placed on helping the customer.Learn more :



It is only after identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an individual that Wealth Solutions is then able to strategize on the best way forward. With the Wealth Solutions model, the solution that results after completion of thorough investigations is incredibly comprehensive. For two decades, Wealth Solutions has been offering its services to individuals, families, as well as small businesses. Through the corporation, people have become more aware of how to counteract their financial problems. Blair’s objectivity and his willingness to help others succeed are what have contributed to his excellence in matters regarding financial services and advice. Through his Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Finance and Financial Management Services, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has been able to impart greatness in all individuals who have at one point in time sought after his wisdom. Blair has made use of his skills in finance, financial planning, wealth management, financial goals, portfolio management, banking, financial analysis, mutual funds, risk management, retirement planning, financial advisory, leadership, insurance, and life insurance to help secure the livelihoods of his customers. Therefore, Richard Blair has been a real eye opener to individuals that thought they had lost it all as pertains to financial matters.Learn more :