Investment Tips From Igor Cornelsen

A Brief Introduction To Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a former stock trader and banker who worked in Brazil. Mr. Cornelsen is currently semi-retired. He no longer trades stocks or works as a banker. Igor still works at a company called Bainbridge Inc. This is a company based in the Bahamas that provides financial consultation to investors. It also provides portfolio management services. One of the things that Igor also does and enjoys is mentoring young investors.

Through Bainbridge Inc., Igor is able to provide investors looking to invest in Brazilian markets sound advice to help them make a return on their investment. Mr. Cornelsen is quite popular and well regarded in the Brazilian banking and financial industry. This is because he has managed to lead Brazilian banks to year after year of growth when he was at the helm. Igor has also managed to put Brazilian banks and the Brazilian banking industry on the world map due to his aggressive financial investment coupled with a long term approach to returns. Visit This Page for more info.

Igor’s Tips For Investors And His Outlook For The Future

The way to achieve wealth and a comfortable retirement is not through speculation says Igor Cornelsen. To achieve success in the stock market like he has, you must be incredibly patient and be ready to play the game for the long run. If you are only in the stock market game for a short term, then you will probably end up missing out on a lot of opportunities for big returns.

Speaking of big returns, Cornelsen says that most big returns will come over the course of many, many years. If you think you can make big returns, quickly in the stock market, then you have the wrong mindset and should consider investing in something else. The stock market rewards the patient and careful investor and typically punishes the speculator who hopes for big gains in one or two trades.

Immersing yourself in the culture of the country you are trying to invest in is a smart idea says Igor. He has gotten to know the Brazilian people and this has helped him spot new investments and develop rewarding partnerships. Do the same and new avenues can open up to you, whether you decide to invest in Brazil, South Africa or another economy.

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Dondero for Dallas?

James Dondero is a hedge fund manager, investor and local philanthropist. He sits on the boards of several publicly traded companies and is the Co-founder of Highland Capital Management that is based in the local area. He began training with JP Morgan in 1984 and got a job at American Express in 1985. When Dondero isn’t here giving back to the community he calls home, you can find him in one of his several offices all across the world.

Most recently James Dondero did a great public service to the area. As you may remember, back in 2001 The Dallas Zoo decided to close the hippo habitat after one of the hippos suddenly died. Visit his website at

For years people have been asking for the return of the hippo habitat and when zoo managers finally decided to try and reopen it they were met with an obstacle. They needed 14 million dollars. That’s when Dondero stepped in. He generously gave a million dollars of his own money over to the zoo and in exchange they thanked him by naming the newest addition of the zoo after him, the Highland Capital Lodge.

In 2016, Dondero and Linda Owens, Dallas Civic leader teamed up to increase Highland Capital Management’s Charitable Donations in and around the Dallas area.


Owens doesn’t have as lengthy of a resume as Dondero but the construction of Klyde Warren Park was partly the responsibility of Owens. Together the two of them intend to better the community by way of The Dallas Foundation, a publicly ran charity that has been involved in not only Dallas, but all of northern Texas.

The Foundation holds well over 300 individual funds, some of which goes towards grants in various fields from social services to animal welfare. Together with Dondero and Owens, The Dallas Foundation will always be working to improve the Dallas area. Read more about James Dondero on

Matt Badiali Success in Mining Investment

Matt Badiali Success in Mining Investment

China is known for feeding the world with its commodities. Reports show that it will have significant and positive effects on mining investments come 2018. The region leads in consuming resources like thermal coal used in power generation and half of all the zinc, copper, aluminum, soybeans, natural gas, and iron worldwide.

When the demand for items in China goes up, prices also go up. Such news is great for copper companies. The copper that was imported in November made a record according to Bloomberg. It was also noted that the price and demand for natural gas, coal, iron ore, and soybean imports were also up. Copper price had increased by 20% from when it dropped in 2016. These are great news for the bull market in base metals and particularly copper.

Any pullback reported in the copper market should be viewed as an opportunity. The bull market in base metals like copper demonstrates a strong current demand for the commodities from China. Mining traders that deal with zinc and copper are going to enjoy more margins in 2018 like in the years ago. It will be a fantastic year for the mining industry especially the investors.

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About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a renowned entrepreneur and investor. He has built his name in the business world due to his outspoken and welcoming attitude. Matt has toured through Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland, Singapore, and many locations across the world while at work. He has visited many oil wells and mines and met countless CEO’s to discuss the latest techniques and resources used in geologic activities.

 Matt Badiali believes that you need to see something to believe it exists. The ideal way to make sure your investments are safe and made correctly is to see it yourself. He is a trained geologist and uses this knowledge to check for red flags witnessed when investing. Matt will check the accountability of the drilling crews, duration they take to drill a hole, and how they conduct the procedure before signing any deal with any entity. The operations of a firm help in identifying the potential and health of the company.

Matt Badiali has used both his professional knowledge of geology and business to uncover great margins. He has worked as a consultant to an environmental enterprise and a geologist for a drilling outlet before joining Banyan Hill. Matt has bachelors in earth sciences and master in Geology from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University respectively.


Igor Cornelsen Offers Advice On Brazilian Investments

The growing financial sector of Brazil is ideal for investors to return to. Maximum benefits are being seen by people like Igor Cornelsen who patiently waited for this day. The economy is improving with positive gains being consistent in Brazil and full production is back in China. There are things that you have to know before investing in foreign property for the first time. It is important to be prepared, the are unique issues before spending money when it comes to Brazil. Igor Cornelsen simplifies these things and gives strategies to maximize profits without taking unnecessary risks by avoiding pitfalls.

Learn Currency Restrictions

The currency controls in Brazil are strict. An authorized exchange or bank has to be used by those who are not local businesses or residents. The transaction type will cause the exchange rates to vary making it important to research currency laws.

Connect Locally

There are lots of business oriented people and entrepreneurs in Brazil so businesses run off of networking and relationships. This is what Igor Cornelsen believes makes it so easy to connect in Brazil. Check ireport.cnn to know more about Igor Cornelsen’s methods

Red Tape

The red tape can make it difficult to do business since there are strict regulations from the government of Brazil. Researching the market to become familiar with regulations is important because the market is growing. Brazil recovers from economic disaster which is why Cornelsen can not stay away from the Brazilian market. His investment firm aids foreign investors understand the economy in Brazil and his strategy for investment works.

Igor Cornelsen offers important tips to investors and tells them to connect with Brazilians before investing in the market. They can offer you investment advice from first hand experience with Brazil’s economy. Native Brazilians see the influences and changes to the market so they know what it takes for a profitable investment. The government of Brazil is known for underperforming and over regulating so you will have to wade through a labor market that is restrictive, silly regulations and high taxes.

Investors need authorized bank to deal with local restrictions on currency and foreign exchange while being aware of the restrictions on foreign currency. The exchange rate is not set for foreign currency, instead the exchange rate is set by the transaction.

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Paul Mamphilly’s Reputation in the Finance Industry

Paul Mamphilly is reputable finance professional who made significant accomplishments in the sector. He formerly worked on Wall Street and made millions of dollars. Mamphilly currently acts as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, which hired him in 2016. He has been assisting the company in providing advisory solutions to Main Street Americans on how they can gain wealth from technology, investments, small-cap stocks, and unique opportunities. Mamphilly runs informative newsletters such as Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes.

The first employer of Mr. Mamphilly was the Bankers Trust, which hired him in 1991. The Wall Street-based company appointed him to act as its assistant portfolio manager, a position that offered him a lot of exposure. He was later given a job by ING and Deutsche Bank where he had an opportunity to supervise accounts that had millions of dollars. The finance expert then got a better position at Kinetic Asset Management where he acted as hedge fund manager. The company had assets that were worth about $6 billion when it hired him, and its value grew to $25 billion during his tenure in office. Mamphilly was an excellent manager of the hedge fund and was able to increase its turnover to 26 percent. Baron acknowledged the performance of Kinetic Asset Management and listed it among the world’s leading hedge funds.

In 2008, the Templeton Foundation hosted an investment competition that the involved several financial experts. Paul took part in the contest and was a finalist. The firm offered $50 million to all the investors who were involved in the challenge. Mamphilly used his outstanding expertise to grow his share to over $88 million within the first year. The competition was held during a time when the U.S was facing a serious crisis in the financial industry. The volatility of the finance sector did not hinder Paul from making profits.

Mamphilly accomplished a lot while working on Wall Street but he is currently retired. The finance expert quit his career because he needed to spend more time with his wife and children. He was also focused on offering a platform for the small investors to accumulate wealth from their ventures. Paul wanted to support middle-income earners to improve themselves since he was tired of making money for the rich. Despite retiring from Wall Street, Mamphilly still offers advisory services to people across the world. Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum have advised thousands of Main Street American on their finances. Watch Paul Mampilly at Youtube.

Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair

Wealth Solutions is a financial services company located in Austin, Texas. The company strives to provide long term relationships with clients on a regular basis. As a result, Wealth Solutions looks to provide a positive experience for anyone who seeks advising and guidance from the firm. What makes this firm a desirable one to work with is its investment advisory to a number of investors from all walks of life. In order to help clients, Wealth Solutions provides an active allocation strategy to manage the assets of the many clients the firm serves. Whenever an investor works with Wealth Solutions, they will get a financial plan that is personalized and comprehensive. As a result, they will be in great position to steadily build wealth and secure their financial future. Learn more:


There are a number of investors who are looking for sound financial advice. In most cases, they will often work with the large nationally based investment firms. However, their service is not always the most personalized. With Wealth Solutions, investors will be working with a firm that will provide them with assistance where they are treated as the most important individual. Along with personalized service, Wealth Solutions also looks to provide investment advice that covers a wide range of issues. Clients will often be guided on everything from securities to pension plans to how to save up for retirement and education. By getting both personalized and comprehensive service, investors have been able to successfully improve their investment returns by working with Wealth Solutions.


Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions and looked to build a firm that specialized in making a positive impact on the lives of individuals, families and those who own small businesses. During his lifetime, Richard has always been drawn to education since his mother, grandmother and wife were teachers. He witnessed the impact they had on others by helping other people develop knowledge and confidence. Along with valuing the benefits of teaching, Richard is also very knowledgeable in finance. As a result, he believed that his true calling was to advice people on how to engage in effective financial planning and successful investing. After graduating college in 1993, Richard started up his own firm in 1994 in order to provide quality financial services to clients. Over the course of his career, Richard has frequently improved on his knowledge and experience in retirement planning. This has allowed him to help clients plan for retirement and also on how to live comfortably as well.