Rocketship: Schools that Provide Opportunity

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship is a network of public schools in the United States that have two things in common: their students are high performing and they are located in communities that have traditionally not been served as well as others. Parents can choose Rocketship Schools in Washington D.C., Nashville, Milwaukee and the Bay Area.

Rocketship Schools Today

The Rocketship network was founded in 2006 in San Jose and has been remarkably successful in helping its students meet high goals. The philosophy is that every child can attend college, and that this process begins in kindergarten. The goal is to provide children from families from underprivileged backgrounds with a chance to reach their potential; Roughly 75% of Rocketship students speak English as a second language, and 90% qualify for free lunch. In short, they are working to close the achievement gap between the children of the poor and the children of the privileged.

Rocketship has long understood the importance of children becoming proficient at digital technology and has geared its curriculum accordingly. They focus on the elementary years of education because they believe that childhood is the most critical time of any person’s learning. Children that get ahead at an early age tend to stay ahead, and those who don’t are forever trying to catch up. This strategy has worked well for them, and test results and other metrics have shown that Rocketship students tend to outperform their peers in middle school, high school and beyond.

Perhaps the best indicator of Rocketship’s success is its retention rates. In fact, 89% of all Rocketship students returned to their schools last year even though their parents could have had them attend a regular public school in the area their residence is zoned. Parents are pleased because they see how their children are learning, thriving, and moving confidently into a bright future.