Tony Petrello: A Highly Successful Executive With Philanthropy Connected To His Heart and Life

Tony Petrello is well-known across the globe as the CEO and Chairman of the renowned oil drilling firm, Nabors Industries. While being one of the most successful executives across the industry, Tony is also credited for his humanitarian thoughts. He keeps deep thoughts of philanthropy that is connected to his heart and life. Petrello and his employees at Nabors Industries were instrumental in helping the people of Hurricane Harvey-hit Houston. The employees of the firm, encouraged by Petrello, took time off from the job to join with the relief efforts.

Additionally, he took special attention to send the employees to different areas along the Gulf Coast. When the employees contributed as much as $173,622 to intensify the relief efforts, CEO Tony Petrello matched that amount to show his commitment and care for the society. Interestingly, the fund was named as the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund. The company set up several on-site kitchens as part of the recovery efforts to cook a large number of meals three times per day for offering it to the families in those respective locations. Petrello is one of the most heard names of philanthropy in the area of Houston, and he contributes significant amounts to the researches for childhood neurological disorders.

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He and his wife, Cynthia Petrello, started focusing on helping the childhood neurological disorder research after their daughter, Carena, was born with periventricular leukomalacia, which finally became cerebral palsy. Due to that, she faced developmental delay issues, but both Petrellos’ became more active in understanding the struggling of children with same disorder around the globe. They understood that there is an urgent need of research in the area to help those innocent souls. With that mission, they donated nearly $7 million for the research efforts of Texas Children’s Hospital on neurological disorders in children.

Tony Petrello also keeps an excellent relationship with the famous American actor cum performer, Tommy Tune. When Tune came to his hometown Houston in early 2018, Tony Petrello and his wife received him to the city. For welcoming the celebrity star, Petrellos invited over 50 friends and advisory board members of the Miller Outdoor Theatre to the party, and the event was conducted at the Shadyside estate of Petrellos according to Interestingly, Tommy was seen thoroughly enjoying the party by walking through the well-tended grounds of Shadyside estate and talking with the other invitees. Petrellos had arranged an excellent entertainment show and grand food and cocktail party from the famous City Kitchen.

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