OSI Industries and McDonald’s: What do they Have in Common?

Many people might not realize this, but most fast food and sit-in restaurant chains do not make their own food. That burger, those pizzas and even the tacos that people come to know and love; are created by food companies that supply chain restaurants. This is exactly what OSI Industries has been doing for well over 50 years. OSI is a food provider that supplies thousands of restaurants and grocery stores with food products.

The company was started in 1909 and was branded Otto which became Otto and Sons by 1928. By the time the 50s rolled around, McDonald’s emerged on the scene. Otto and Sons forged a partnership with Ray Kroc to supply him with all the meat products for restaurant. As McDonald’s grew into an iconic eating establishment, Otto and Sons was growing right along with them.

Thanks to McDonald’s, Otto and Sons was on its way to becoming the big company that it is today. Otto and Sons supplied all of the McDonald’s restaurants around the country. By the mid-70s the company was formally known as OSI Industries. This name would give the organization an international moniker with the appeal of a first-rate corporation.

OSI does not provide all of McDonald’s products, but they still give the company its meat products which consistently taste the same. The company is responsible for the great tasting hamburgers and chicken sandwiches that people often associate with McDonalds. While OSI Industries is not recognized for this contribution, they are responsible for it. The real reason why so many people love the McDonald’s brand is because OSI knows how to consistently produce the same great tasting product.

Now that McDonald’s is the world’s number one restaurant and is international in scope; OSI has followed them around the world into other markets. Once again, OSI is not the only product supplier for McDonald’s. Even though this is the case, their contribution cannot be denied, and it should not be overlooked. OSI Industries played a pivotal role with meteoric rise of McDonald’s. So what OSI Industries and McDonald’s have in common? It’s the millions of American and international consumers that helped to make McDonald’s into the number one fast food chain on Earth.

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