Southridge Capital: Offering Top Tier Financial Solutions To Clients In Connecticut

Standing out in the field of finance may not be an easy task, especially because of a large number of prominent players in the market. When clients decide to choose a company to assist them with financial matters, they want a company that they can depend on, and one which can benefit the business that they are beginning to them. Clients want a company that is experienced at what they do and want to join forces with a company that is experienced. It becomes important to find the right company, since the future of the financial assets that you bring to them in in their hands.

For people living in Connecticut, Southridge Capital is a company that has been getting a lot of attention for the kind of services they offer, and the experience that they have had working with big names in the industry. The company has a brilliant reputation for assisting clients with top-tier services that have aided them in their ventures and have helped them secure their financial position well. The company has some of the best professionals on board to help clients with their financials and to give them the inside scoop of some of the viable steps that they can take to ensure the smooth running of their business.

One of the more defining things about the company is the extensive portfolio that they have to their name. Since the company was first founded, several well-known names in the state have chosen Southridge Capital as their primary financial advisory and investment company.

When it comes to things that set the company apart from others in the field, the technology and methodology that they implement is something that has benefited their overall success. The company makes use of some of the most profound technology and algorithms to give their clients a well thought out and well-established analysis that can benefit the tasks that they take on.

Currently, the company is being led by Stephen Hicks, a well-known name in the field of finance. Hicks has been working for the company for several years and has been majorly responsible for the growth and development it has been seeing. You can follow their Facebook and Twitter page.

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Madison Street Capital Awarded The 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital is an international acclaimed investment banking company that is devoted to delivering corporate and financial advisory services to private and public enterprises. They are committed to excellence, integrity, trust, and leadership in merger and acquisition expertise services.


With such professional services, clients of Madison Street Capital are strategically positioned to succeed in the global industry. Madison Street Capital has a rich background as in 2015; the company closed a total of 42 hedge fund deals improving from the 2016’s 32 deals. The 2015 transaction volume also was higher than that of 2014 by 27% creating a momentum for the years to come.


The experienced team of professionals recruited in Madison Street Capital has extensive relationships and broad scope of knowledge making it one of the globally recognized middle market investments banking firm. The company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and has various offices in Asia, Africa, and North America. Madison Street Capital build strong businesses within the society, and through their undying dedication and philanthropic support, the company makes a difference locally and globally.


The leading investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, was announced the award winner of the Debt Financing Deal of the Year in cognition of the WLR automotive deal. Madison Street Capital also was the placer of the Financial Deal of the Year as well as The Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. Co-CEO and President to The M&A Advisor, David Fergusson said that since 2002 they had been recognizing the best performing M&A deal makers and negotiating companies.


This year’s Gala top-ranking celebration was held alongside the 2017 M&A Advisor Summit which had over 500 M&A professionals taking part in general interactive forums. The forum was steered by industry loyalists, media, academic and over 35 M&A. The 16th M&A Advisor Awards annual event was held at the Metropolitan Club, New York on 13th November 2017.


He continued to say that the company was chosen among a group of over 650 potential candidates to receive the award. Mr. Fergusson said he was pleased to honor Madison Street Capital and present them with the topmost honor for M&A firms and professionals. Other than the awarding of the 16th Annual M&A Advisor winners, Winchester Capital CEO and Chairman, Ceasar N. Anquillare was awarded the 2017 Leadership Award. Concurrently, ACG New York Executive Director, Robert Bobby Blumenfeld was bestowed with the inaugural award of Tom Farrell Memorial.


Madison Street Capital CEO remarked that the company was so delighted to be honored with the award and also passed a vote of thanks to WLR Automotive and Senior Managing Director, Barry Petersen who was their lead in the undertaking.


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With Lazaro Brandao Retiring, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Now The Chairman Of The Board And Longest-Serving Employee At Banco Bradecso

Unlike human beings, companies can exist perpetually. Consequently, companies can outlive both their leaders and stakeholders. For that to happen, however, each of the company’s successive leaders must work towards making it grow within their tenure. The cumulative success of their tenures is what makes a company thrive over the course of a number of decades. One example of such a company is Brazilian bank Bradesco.

The bank has consistently featured at the top of the country’s financial sector owing, in large part, to the caliber of leaders it has had. Currently, the bank is again faced with the decision of choosing a new leader. As with previous years, the continued existence of the bank will depend on the type of leader that the bank will choose.

The chain of events that have led to a leadership vacancy at Bradesco commenced when Lazaro Brandao unprecedentedly made the announcement early last month that he would be resigning as the chairman of the bank’s board according to Lazaro Brandao has been the chairman of the board since 1990 and before that served as the bank’s second president. While his resignation was not planned, it certainly was not unexpected given the fact that Brandao is now aged 91. Further, given the extent to which he has helped the Bradesco brand grow, his has more than earned the right to rest.


Brandao’s deputy on the board, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was selected to take up the position of chairman in his place. However, given the fact that Luiz Carlos Trabuco also served as the president of the bank, his previous position also became vacant. The bank is now engaged in the process of selecting a new president.

There is no hurry to name the next Bradesco president. The decision on who will take up the position cannot be made until 30 days before March 2018 – when the next shareholders’ meeting is scheduled.

Until then, the leadership of the bank will remain in the capable hands of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who is now both president and chairman of the large lender. While it is not known who will be the next president, it is a certainty that the individual will come from within the Bradesco group.

The bank has through its seven-decade existence cultivated the reputation of selecting leaders specifically from within its ranks. That would, therefore, mean that the next Bradesco president will be one of the senior executives who currently serve as a vice president at the bank.

The changes being made at Bradesco will not just end at the chairman and presidency positions. The bank’s board is also expected to undergo a big shakeup in the coming weeks. The board currently has eight members, drawn from within the Bradesco group but also family members of the bank’s founder Amador Aguiar.

This number has been deemed small for the ever-expanding financial institution, and the board will consequently be expanded to have more members. However, this will also come with the caveat that the new president will no longer have a seat on the board. With Bradesco now a giant bank with operations in all facets of the financial industry, it may be asking a little too much of the incoming president to have him fulfill the day-to-day duties of running the bank, while also serving on the board.

The latest economic results coming out of Brazil will bode very well for the incoming Bradesco president. After years of challenges, the economy looks to be finally rebounding thus creating the perfect environment in which the incoming president can start off his/her tenure.

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Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky’s New Healthcare Startup

Recently, Eric Lefkofsky, with the noble intent of saving lives, co-founded a new startup called Tempus. Tempus is a technology company that intends to use its tech to help battle cancer. Investors have contributed 70 million dollars in the latest round of fundraising. With this money, Lefkofsky hopes Tempus can improve the treatment of cancer and what Eric Lefkofsky knows.

Tempus was originally started in 2015, and the total investments are over 120 million dollars. The startup is estimated to be valued at approximately 700 million dollars.

In the past, Lefkofsky has noticed a lack of organization in cancer treatment. He hopes his new startup can streamline the process and eventually save lives. Patients can be benefitted by technological advancements in genomic and clinical data, which is exactly what Tempus offers to hospitals and medical providers and read full article.

Tempus plans to use genomic sequencing to give doctors better information regarding patient’s tumors. Lefkofsky, along with his co-founder Brad Keywell, is personally investing millions into the project. They originally founded Groupon together, but now want to bring their expertise and capital into the field of healthcare and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

In an effort to collect more data, Tempus has spent the past year partnering with several other healthcare companies. They’ve partnered with the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and several other groups. Tempus intends to use data from these partnerships to more effectively care for cancer and

Eric Lefkofksy is a billionaire who helped create several companies. He is a co-founder and chairman of Groupon, which is an e-commerce marketplace that provides discounts to its users. He is also one of the founders of Lightbank, which is a fund that invests in disruptive technologies. His other involvements are with Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings. His main focus, however, is with Tempus.

Lefkofsky’s interest in treating cancer began in 2006 when he established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Through his foundation, he donated millions to several different hospitals and organizations and contact their.

George Soros is Back and Here to Stay

The American political landscape is undergoing massive, dramatic changes. The 2016 presidential election was something right out of the world of HBO. The rise of Donald Trump and his bizarre brand of ‘America First’ populism was captivating to watch but also frightening from another perspective. Trump tapped into an America that many people didn’t know, or didn’t want to know, could exist. All of that is to say that George Soros, a world renowned progressive and philanthropist, knew it was his time to return to the political fray. With Trump rising as a firebrand on the national stage, Soros knew that it was his duty to jump in and defend progressive values. Read this article at Washington Times.

George Soros most famously backed Al Gore back in 2004 during his election campaign against then-President George W. Bush. Gore would fall short but not before giving a platform and a voice to George Soros, not that the needed one. Soros came to America by ship after having fled Nazi-occupied Hungary some years prior. Soros would go on to start the most successful fund we can think of, the Soros Hedge Fund, and from there he would begin to become a catalyst for progressive change all around the country and eventually the world. Along the way Soros would gain a reputation as one of the few billionaires who proudly stood up for progressive values and that would make him enemy #1 to most conservatives and hard line right wing politicians.

Soros’ leaped into the 2016 election campaign with abandon, immediately donating nearly $25 million to democratic causes up and down the ticket — including that of the Clinton Campaign. Soros would donate a stunning $7 million to Hillary Clinton in order to help fuel her campaign. Though she would fall short Soros was still able to make an important announcement –he was back and ready to make a difference in the political world.

Soros has been accomplishing some major political work even from outside of the political machine over the decades. More than anything, Soros believes in fighting for the right of the people to make a difference in their own lives. That is why the Open Society Foundations has done so much to help fund grassroots activists in the United States and even abroad. Giving political power and capitol to the people is the surest way to ensure that democracy stays a vital part of the political world. Know more on about George Soros.

One particular place where Soros’ activist-first funding took root was in Ferguson, MO. George Soros had donated nearly $30 million in funding to activists and grassroots campaigns around the city and that came to light during the Ferguson Protests. Due to Soros’ donations the Ferguson Protests were able to bring in some real scrutiny on racial inequality amongst the Ferguson Police Department.

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Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is the 2016 CEO of the year One Planet Awards Gold winner. The USHEALTH Group CEO was elated when he was announced as the winner.Troy McQuagge thanked the whole staff group of USHEALTH Group and credited them for helping him win the prestigious One Planet Awards. He confessed that USHEALTH’s Group noble objective of assisting everyone to get affordable healthcare has also assisted in his success.

USHEALTH Group provides its clients with original healthcare solutions which cater to different job groups. USHEALTH Group was also recognized for its role in the professional healthcare industry as it was named the Company of the year for the One Planet Awards Gold section.

The awards accept nominations from all over the world. The global prestigious awards honor professional and business expertise from all companies. The submissions come from non-profit, profit, private and public organizations. In addition to this, the companies also accept submissions from small and emerging start-ups. The awards are placed in categories which include; P.R, Marketing, Corporate Communications, new products and services, executive teams and organizations from all over the world and learn more about Troy.

The USHEALTH Group CEO has worked for the company since 2010. He has been instrumental in re-emerging the companies’ market. This led to the formation of the USHEALTH Advisors. Mr. McQuagee was elected as the CEO and president of the health insurance company in 2014 and his successful track record can be clearly seen through his thriving ventures in the company. He has been able to rake in a high-profit margin for the health insurance company.

About Ushealth Group Inc:

USHEALTH Group is an establishment that offers tailor-made health insurance plans that cater for the entire family. The company offers top-notch insurance regardless of the client’s income. The safe and secure premiums are available to clients from anywhere in the U.S. and more information click here.

About Troy Mcquagee:

Troy McQuagee is an alumnus of The University of Central Florida where he studied Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies. The dynamic leader is an experienced sales professional who has over 30 years experience in this market.Mr.McQuagee is the current CEO, President, and a member of the USHEALTH Group Inc Board of Directors a post which he has held from July 2014. Under this role, he ensures that the company grows strategically and the profit margins increase. He also administers and manages the establishment’s subsidiaries and ensures that the operations and distribution are done efficiently and Troy on Facebook.

Prior to this, he was USHEALTH Advisors CEO and President. This is a post he held for seven years. While working here he ensured that the company’s profit margins also grew substantially in a strategic manner. In addition to this, he designed the Agency Platform which propelled USHEALTH Group success objectives. He has also worked for the HealthMarket at the President of the agency marketing group.Troy McQuagee is an avid philanthropist who has contributed to various causes which include the Semper FiFund, HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix, among others and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

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Richard Blair’s Lessons; How to Handle the Voices in Our Heads

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a company that offers clients with advice on how to grow their assets. Through Blair, customers have found someone much capable of guaranteeing their success. Located in Texas, Wealth Solutions under Blair’s unmatched leadership has been able to grow and thrive thus giving its competitors a run for their money. Richard who has certifications in CFS, CES, RICP, and CAS has been able to operate his investment advisory company as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm thus making the organization legit.Learn more :



Blair’s success story is something out of the moon. He attributes his wins to his determination to succeed coupled with his ability to follow a given strategy during his pursuits for financial excellence. By using Wealth Solutions, Richard has been able to help folks hailing from the Austin, Texas region achieve economic fulfillment. For a long time, Wealth Solutions has been making use of a particular working model. When approached by a customer, the corporation first takes its time to understand the financial situation as well as the retirement obligations of the individual. By carrying out a SWOT analysis of the client, Richard Blair’s company has become better placed on helping the customer.Learn more :



It is only after identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an individual that Wealth Solutions is then able to strategize on the best way forward. With the Wealth Solutions model, the solution that results after completion of thorough investigations is incredibly comprehensive. For two decades, Wealth Solutions has been offering its services to individuals, families, as well as small businesses. Through the corporation, people have become more aware of how to counteract their financial problems. Blair’s objectivity and his willingness to help others succeed are what have contributed to his excellence in matters regarding financial services and advice. Through his Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Finance and Financial Management Services, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has been able to impart greatness in all individuals who have at one point in time sought after his wisdom. Blair has made use of his skills in finance, financial planning, wealth management, financial goals, portfolio management, banking, financial analysis, mutual funds, risk management, retirement planning, financial advisory, leadership, insurance, and life insurance to help secure the livelihoods of his customers. Therefore, Richard Blair has been a real eye opener to individuals that thought they had lost it all as pertains to financial matters.Learn more :