Flavio Maluf the Brazilian Business Man

Born on 2nd December 1961, Flavio Maluf was the son of a prominent politician in Brazil. Flavio Maluf attended FAAP in Brazil where he pursued an engineering course. Later he joined the New York University to specialize in the business related course. Currently, Maluf is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Group which operates in Brazil. The company is family owned and specializes in supplying of building materials such as paints, doors, skirting boards, panels, partitions, laminated and vinyl floors. Additionally, the company builds elegant furniture and toys.

The building materials can be used to improve residential and commercial buildings. Notably, the process involved in the production of these products are eco-friendly as the company gives priority to the green policy. Since the inception of the Eucatex group in the 1950s, Flavio Maluf maintained a tradition of environmentally friendly production even though there was no any regulation at that time in Brazil. Interestingly, the Eucatex company incorporated the first recycling plant machine in South America. The machine recycles wood leftovers and utilizes it to create energy for running the manufacturing system. Read more about Flavio Maluf at ideamensch.com

Flavio Maluf started working at the company in 1987 where he worked in the commercial area then, moved to the industrial area and finally appointed by his uncle as the administrator. Flavio Maluf’s spirit for hard work earned him the executive position when he chose to be the president of the business in 1997. His presence as the company’s president has transformed the business into a multimillion-dollar empire. Flavio Maluf introduced the latest technology to the company, which led to the production of high-quality products pushing their sales to a higher level. The firm grew and opened subsidiaries in various countries. Currently, Eucatex group export their product to the United States, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and 35 more countries globally. Flavio Maluf is also a philanthropist who gives back to the society by focusing on healthcare of community members.

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How Vijay Eswaran Found His Way

To rise from a state where people were doubting you to CEO of the year in a huge feat. It is a success story that almost seems too good to be true. For Vijay Eswaran it’s a true story that is just another day in the life of one of Asia’s most successful entrepreneurs.

I must say that I had never heard of Vijay Eswaran until I started taking a marketing class in college. We were studying businesses abroad and there was an assignment to check some of the styles of presidents and leaders in business outside the United States. I came across several leaders that were successful, but Vijay Eswaran stood out to me because he was so uplifting. I read one of this books and soon started following him on Instagram. I find that he would motivate me to greater heights with his quotes and I didn’t even work for him. I could only imagine how great his employees must have felt to have someone that they could depend on to uplift them.

Vijay Eswaran is someone that has found his niche by taking command of a direct selling market that has many employees that connect well with customers. This is the thing that Vijay Eswaran has been able to do well down through the years. He has made a life for himself as a business leader that is motivated by helping others. When you have a passion like this it becomes easier for propel others to success. In other words, Vijay Eswaran helps himself by helping others.

He has been a constant source of motivation for some people because he has managed to provide help to so many. He has made the Forbes list of the richest men in Asia, but that is not what he is most proud of. He takes a lot more pride in being among the top philanthropist in the world in accordance to Forbes magazine. This is just something that shows he cares enough to give back.

It means a lot to Vijay Eswaran to be able to do this because he started in the business world with no connections. Nothing was handled to him, but he didn’t want to quite. He would find himself looking for a way to build up his presence in the industry by giving those the help he didn’t have. This makes him feel good, but it also does something else: it helps him build his customers base. People will remember the help that they received from Vijay Eswaran. This, in turn, will help them become mindful of QNet. They will be more likely to become patrons of his business because he has such a generous spirit.

Find out more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.qbuzz.qnet.net/blog/2011/06/27/vijay-eswaran-in-forbes-philanthropy-heroes-list/

A Brief History Of The Entrepreneurial Journey Of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus has managed to persevere through some of the most challenging obstacles that any entrepreneur could ever face. These obstacles became so difficult, that at one point in his entrepreneurial journey he almost closed down his business. However, he continued to persevere and he eventually found himself as one of the most successful businessman in the tourism industry. Guilherme Paulus has recently joined the ranks of the Billionaire’s of the world. He has a net worth of approximately 1.1 billion dollars, and that number continues to rise.

His many contributions to the tourism industry have earned him awards, recognition and honors by many International governments of the world. In 2012, the French government awarded him honors for the many contributions that he made to the development and promotion of tourism in France. Other countries that recognized Guilherme Paulus for his services that he rendered to tourism where Mexico, the United States, Venezuela and Argentina. Several magazines from his home country of Brazil have given him prestigious titles such as executive of Valor and personality of the year. Find out more about Paulus at Exame.

Guilherme Paulus is most famously recognized for the first company that he founded, the CVC travel agency. He founded this company in 1972, And it is now known as the largest tourist operator in Latin America. Even though the company has experienced great success, Guilherme Paulus knew that he could take it to greater heights. He sold a major portion of the company to the global investment firm, the Carlyle Group in 2009. In 2013, the travel agency open up its capital on the stock exchange, and it is now capable of generating an annual revenue of 5.2 billion.

The CVC travel agency is no stranger to charity. The travel agency remembers to give back to the community in the form of support for the people. The travel agency provides support for the communities’ schools, and it also provides medical and psychological care as well as vocational courses for the younger people. The CVC travel agency is also a sponsor of the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism that has immersion programs in tourism.

Visit: http://forbes.uol.com.br/negocios/2015/12/como-o-bilionario-guilherme-paulus-pretende-se-tornar-o-maior-hoteleiro-do-brasil/

Ted Bauman Offers Unique Advice to Banyan Hill Publishing Readers

Banyan Hill Publishing is a publisher of independent publishing advice with more than 400,000 daily readers. One of several employees of the site is Ted Bauman, whose areas of expertise are The Bauman Letter (a monthly advisory column dedicated to wealth growth and preservation of privacy), Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert newsletters (stock recommendations based on the Alpha Code system). Ted Bauman has been with the group since 2013.

The site was formed in 1998 as The Sovereign Society and focused on advice related to global investment strategies, diversification of the US dollar, and other topics such as offshore bank accounts. It rebranded in 2016 under its current name, with a focus on actionable advice from experts such as Ted Bauman. The name takes its inspiration from the banyan tree, which is the tree with the world’s largest canopy. This tree supports itself with multiple different trunks, which allows it to survive natural disasters. Banyan Hill Publishing hopes that just like the banyan tree, their expert advice is able to help their readers have multiple financial legs to stand on in case of a financial tsunami. It’s also a happy medium between expensive consultations with a private financial advisor and making one’s own decisions without outside help, which can be dangerous. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter for more updates.

Ted Bauman was trained as an economist in the US and then emigrated to South Africa in the mid-1980s, to take part in post-apartheid economic development and policy creation and implementation. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, he worked with many different groups, including the governments of Africa and Europe, and the United Nations. His extensive travels in Africa and Asia have helped him develop an appreciation of the nuances of politics and economics in different cultures. He returned to the United States in 2008, to work for a large Atlanta-based nonprofit with the position of Director of International Programs. He has worked for Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013 as a part-time editor. He has published research in many respected journals, such as Small Enterprise Development, Environment and Urbanization, and The Journal of Microfinance. He is able to look at the stock market with a wider lens than that of traditional stock analysts, due to his position as an economist. Through his position at Banyan Hill Publishing, he offers unique insights to his readers on developments and trends, both negative and positive. He also writes for Banyan’s daily newsletter The Sovereign Investor Daily. View: https://www.facebook.com/TedBaumanGuru/


Report of the Special Meeting of Governors of the IDB by Felipe Montoro Jens

A special meeting of governors of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) was held on March 24 in Mendoza Argentina. In the meeting, the minister of Planning, Development, and management, Mr. Dyogo Oliveira reiterated the importance of inclusion of the private sector in infrastructure projects in Brazil. The minister emphasized on the creation of mechanisms that leverage the investment of the private sector in infrastructure projects. Furthermore, the minister challenged the IDB to promote studies that provide more viable solutions to risk management and also facilitate the leverage of private sector investments.

The chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors Mr. Louis Caputo concurs with the minister’s proposal that the IBD should formulate ways of leveraging private investments in Latin America. On the other hand, Spain Secretary of State for Economic and Business Support Mr. Garrido underscored the diversity of the Latin market and indicated that Brazil is a gateway of Spanish investments in the region.

Minister Oliveira indicated that with the support of the IDB, investments from other countries are vital for the new industrial revolution that is in the waiting. While striving to provide the basic amenities like water and infrastructure, investments should also be channeled to modern infrastructure that will facilitate the fourth industrial revolution. Visit at ideamensch.com to know more.

Inter-American president Luis Alberto Moreno contemplated that the biggest challenge in the region is the lack of connectivity between countries. He indicated that the region cannot achieve viable progress without addressing the challenge. However, the president indicated IDB has acclimatized to the situation and developed policies that put more emphasis on gender equality and environmental sustainability.

According to the minister, the Brazilian government has a keen interest in infrastructure and financing of development and is in line with the IDB and other multilateral agencies. The Ministry of Planning, Development, and Management news portal indicate that Private-Public Partnership (PPP) in the region has been increasing in the recent past. For instance, in the last decade alone, there have been over one thousand PPP projects estimated to value over three hundred and sixty billion dollars. Despite the positive outlook, the ministry assesses that many projects are still unable to mobilize private capital. Finally, IBD loans to Brazil last year amounted to $ 12.9 billion, 20% more than the previous year. Read: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/160655/investimentos-em-infraestrutura-sao-peca-chave-para-que-mato-grosso-amplie-sua-exportacao-de-soja-destaca-felipe-montoro-jens

Why You Should Trust Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

Recently, the introduction of freedom checks by Matt Badiali has brought a lot of speculations. The speculations began after Matt Badiali released a media ad having a chunk of $114,287. A lot of people have argued that the whole advert was a scam just because of the promises it made. Despite all this confusion, speculations and hullabaloos, have they tried to know who Matt Badiali is? Well, here is an insight of Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali studied at Penn State University where he acquired a Bachelor of Science degree. Later, he advanced for his Masters in Florida Atlantic University. Here, he mastered in Geology. Being an ambitious man, he opted to continue with his studies. He obtained a P.H.D, and it’s during his Ph.D. where his whole life turned around. A friend of him introduced him to the world of business after discovering the kind of potential he had. The friend believed that with his knowledge in Geology; he would prosper in finance. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

The Matt in finance has indeed prospered in the business world. The people he has advised on investment decisions have received big chunks of returns. He has worked as an inspector in mines and wells in different countries. From Singapore, Hong Kong, Iraq, Papua New Guinea to Haiti. As a geologist, it has become relatively more comfortable interrogating CEOs. Notably, he has received professional knowledge and ideas on investment decision directly from the source. In fact, he has a newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist which he launched in 2017 with the Banyan Hill Publishing Company.

What Matt is promoting is a promising investment to business people. Freedom checks are the type of investment that requires higher commitment. If you are looking for a big chunk of payout, then you should be ready to make a consistent investment. Matt is committed to market the Master Limited Partnership (MLP) to the world. Taxing MLPs occurs when profits get paid to the investors. In such a case, you receive the tax advantages of a partnership.

Notably, the worry has been why investors should listen to Matt? Well, it doesn’t matter whether Badiali has grown up in an environment where business and finance is the order of the day but instead his experience and expertise. Matt has confessed how his experience and education has favored him to propel to higher notch in the world of finance. In a nutshell, Matt stresses the advantages of grabbing such mind-blowing investment opportunities. Visit: https://ideamensch.com/matt-badiali/

Felipe Montoro Jens is Making Waves With PPP Deals

Felipe Montero Jens is an experienced corporate leader, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of EnergiparCaptação S.A, a company involved in securities transactions, securities and commodities. He is additionally the Chairman of Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. He has worked with large multinational enterprises for the last twenty-five years, and has become a leading expert in financial strategy regarding infrastructure. His company affiliations, over 27, span from London to his homeland of Brazil. Visit infomoney.com to learn more.

In the past, he has also worked as Participações e Investimentos S.A.’s Chief Executive Officer and President of Investments at S.A.’s Finance and Senior Officer. Felipe Montoro Jens also was a Braskem S.A. director, and ConcesionariaTrasvase Olmos S.A. director. Previously, Felipe served as Chief Executive Officer of a Private Partnership Company involved in public-private partnership for social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and public administrative centers. He has additionally served as a board member at many companies in a variety of sectors, such as energy, real estate, oil and gas, as well as sugar and ethanol.

Much of Felipe’s knowledge as a specialist in infrastructure comes from his time working as Director of San Antonio Energia. His career goal is to find solutions that state governments, as well as corporations, can utilize to eliminate economic waste and become more profitable and fiscally responsible.

Felipe Montoro Jens earned a degree in business administration at FundaoGetlio Vargas, and later pursued a masters in international management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in the United States.

Visit: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25613-felipe-montoro-jens-details-his-vision-future-brazils-privately-owned-corporations


Unique Personal Financial Tips and Opportunities from Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman has been the editor of the Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He is a specialist in low-risk investment plans, asset protection, privacy, and international migration issues. He attended the University of Cape Town graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics, and later earned a BS in business administration from the State University, before earning his MBA in Finance from Georgia State University. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

The Bauman letter is aimed at helping people take advantage of prevailing options and be in charge of their financial situation. The Bauman letter incorporates logical and step by step plans of growing, maintaining and safeguarding personal wealth in a number of ways. For you to enjoy your life in privacy without the worries of finances, Ted Bauman takes you through ways to use the resources you have away from corporate interference and federal oversight. He is passionate about providing people with financial knowledge about areas in the national economy where they touch on their well-being, safety, health, wealth creation, and their freedom. The Bauman Letter has handled insightful topics such as eating out at half price, how to land a dream vacation for free, how to increase retirement investments and other tips on making the most out of financial situations.

He was born in Maryland, Washington, D.C. before he immigrated to South Africa as a young man, where for 25 years he was involved in the executive leadership of a non-profit organization. He worked as a fund manager for low-cost housing projects and founded Slum Dwellers International.

For people interested in achieving safe, long-term and solid gains that are over the market targets, Ted Bauman recommends people to invest in alternative-weighting ETFs. This follows the Reverse Cap Weighted U.S. Large-Cap ETF (NYSE: RVRS) which S&P 500 component weighting are flipped and determined by an inverse of their relative market capitalization. He says the flipped EFTs have performed better than the S&P 500.

Additionally, Ted Bauman recommends giving part of your investment to a time-tested statistical relationship he calls the Smart Money System. He says Smart Money has beaten the S&P 500 over time and in the short time. He quotes the 24% increase in Smart money this year, versus 16.7% for the S&P 500. In last ten years, Smart Money returns were 125% higher than the S&P 500, higher than the excess gains from the alternative-weighting ETFs.

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Ted Bauman: Strong Performance Likely In Emerging Markets

Ted Bauman is able to provide a unique perspective on the function of national and international economies in his work for Banyan Hill Publishing Company as a trained economist and the editor of The Bauman Letter. The Bauman Letter is currently the most highly viewed publication from Banyan Hill Publishing Company.

Ted Bauman has had a long career in the field of economics and the financial industry. He first received an education from the University of Cape Town in South Africa where he was able to complete his Bachelor’s degree and graduated with a degree in economics. He then began to work as a consultant. He was first a consultant for businesses and corporations but was able to quickly work his way up to become a consultant for several national governments, and eventually even the United Nations. At the time his father Bob Bauman was an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing Company and was planning his eventual retirement. During his retirement plans, Bob Mehlman contacted his son and offered him a position as his replacement as an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Follow Ted Bauman at stocktwits.com

Today Bob Bauman writes on the benefits of foreign living and investment as well as investment strategies that allow an individual to protect their assets and their privacy. Over the last year, Ted Bauman has seen a unique trend in the stock market. In one instance he was able to purchase the stock the quickly experienced a 13% gain in three weeks compared to the 2.5% gain of the S&P 500. The stock in question was part of an electronics company from South Africa known as iShares MSCI.

The reason that the stock experienced such rapid gains was that at the time in the nation of South Africa a political election resulted in a strong reformer being elected president. As a result, the financial markets in South Africa quickly experienced significant gains. Ted Bauman attributes his success with these investments due to his habit of paying close attention to emerging markets. He is now advising his readers to pay attention to the emerging markets around the world as he believes they will perform incredibly well in the coming year. Ted Bauman believes that they will perform much better than American stock indexes due to several factors. The US dollar has been declining in value in 2017. As a result of the declining value, the stocks in emerging markets have increased in terms of the US dollar.

Check: https://analystoffinance.com/2018/01/ted-bauman-whats-wrong-bitcoin/


Flavio Maluf; Eucatex Signs a Binding Agreement with Duratex

There is an evolution of business in the wood panel industry. Consequently, Duratex has decided to sign a business deal with Eucatex. Apparently, the two companies share common interests, and that is the manufacture of wood panels, sanitaryware, metals and floors in Brazil’s southern hemisphere. Also as a leading manufacturer of high-quality ceramic tiles in Brazil, Duratex has sealed the deal that makes Eucatex a significant business partner.

The Exchange

Sources indicate that the contract allows the exchange of one of Duratex’s manufacturing facilities; DuratexBotucatu (SP) that majorly specializes in the export of wood panels with Capao Bonito (SP), Eucatex’s manufacturing facility. Perhaps the primary reason for this exchange lies in the proximity of the facilities. Well, the MDF panel will continue to be in business with Duratex just like in the past. Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

Benefits of the Partnership

The partnership is in line with the company’s business plan. As such, the two companies will benefit in the sense of earning a strong presence in the industry of construction. In addition to that, the duo will have a stable generation of jobs, revenue, and taxes among others. Moreover, the decision by Duratex has a complementary synergy with the resumption of operations in Itapetininga’s facility. This ensures a constant supply of products to the industry, a strategy that boosts the business as well.

Who is Flavio Maluf?

Flavio Maluf is the president and cheerleader of Eucatex Company. He is also the president of GrandFood, a company that supplies various types of food affiliated with Premier Pet as well as Golden. Being a business professional who doubles as a successful entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf has garnered vast experience, knowledge, and skills that enable him to give viable advice to emerging entrepreneurs.

The Overview

Malufbelieves that for entrepreneurs to succeed in their businesses, they need to account for the allocation of resources by monitoring the stocks exchange market shifts. To help such entrepreneurs further, he invests time in mentoring business professionals. In one of his talks regarding successful businesses, Flavio Maluf insists that entrepreneurs must brace themselves for more work as business calls for enthusiasm.

Visit: http://www.infomoney.com.br/negocios/noticias-corporativas/noticia/5913933/flavio-maluf-traz-dicas-que-podem-ajudar-transformar-sua-ideia