The Services Offered at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is the UK-based charity organization began in 1985 to offer care giving services to particular aged people. The specific people in the sense that they should be willing to live with us. The institution provides psychological and physical support to various individuals. We maintain trust from people who enjoy our services. Thus, people feel okay leaving their loved ones in our care. Our caregivers handle the clients with dignity and respect. Also, we offer routine training to our workers according to our model and practices. The home spreads across Sussex having over 20 facilities with more than 500 holding units.

Our understanding is exceptional. At Sussex Healthcare, we provide activities meant to stimulate emotionally and physically. Our team of chefs located in all homes offers nutritious meals, especially to people who require special dietary. Moreover, we have qualified nurses in every home who look after the health of each person who calls Sussex home. We team up as officials to provide a conducive environment not just to the old, but people with various developing statuses like learning disabilities, neurological conditions, autism, and brain injuries. We encourage physical activities to keep the body healthy. Some of the amenities at Sussex are spa pools, specialized gymnasium, track hoists, and multi-sensory rooms. Some clients also involve in gardening as a community activity. Sussex Healthcare runs under the leadership of Shafik Sachedina as a co-founder.

The leader moved to the UK from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in his adolescence in 1975 where he graduated with bachelor’s degree in the dental surgeon from the London University. Thus, Sachedina helps to improve the living standards of the residents by offering medical care programs. Shiraz Boghani is the other co-chair. Boghani qualifies in hospitality management. Currently, Boghani is the chief executive officer of the Splendid Hospitality Group. Recently, Sussex Healthcare appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the chief executive officer. The CEO brings with herself a 30-year experience working in various public and private areas of healthcare. The arrival of Morgan-Taylor to Sussex showed proper management this year and in future. The CEO worked herself up through numerous positions of leadership to the current one. Thus, she understands the challenges her workers go through.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Proves His Loyalty To Bradesco Bank By Serving In The Bank His Entire Banking Career

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is not only a revered leader in the Brazilian banking sector but he is also an award-winning celebrity. He has immense experience in his field of expertise having worked in Bradesco for 47 years. Bradesco bank, where he currently serves as the chairman is the largest bank in Latin America with over 27 million account holders. The bank also has numerous branches that are spread across the country.

Rising to the top management at Bradesco bank
Luiz Carlos Trabuco went to Fundacao School where he studied sociology and politics. Luiz never imagined that he would take up a career in banking. But as fate would have it, he applied for an internship at Bradesco bank in 1969 and he was accepted. He launched his career in Bradesco at the age of 18 years.

Despite lacking a background training in Finance and Accounting, Luiz Carlos Trabuco strived to gain experience by learning from his colleagues and superiors. He completed training in various courses while still working for the Bradesco bank. The former chairman, Lazaro Brandao believed in Luiz, and it explains why he organized for a full scholarship for his master’s degree.

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After working as a clerk for fifteen years, Luiz was tapped to lead the marketing department. He initiated many programs in the marketing department that enabled Bradesco bank to rise to the top position in the Brazilian banking sector. He pioneered the Market segmentation model and also opened the bank to the media. As the leader of the marketing department, Luiz encouraged his team members to focus on service delivery and not numbers. He believed that great service delivery would attract and retain more customers in the bank.

In the wake of New Millennium, Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Bradesco’s executives’ inner circle when he was appointed the vice president of the bank. He was later transferred to head the pension and insurance division known as Bradesco Seguros as the CEO. He worked in this capacity until 2009 when he was appointed to become the president of the bank.

Earning the Insurance personality of the Year Award
Luiz won the Insurance Personality of the Year award twice, in 2003 and 2009. The award was given by Barbato Filho and it is meant to celebrate leaders in the insurance sector who manages to turn around the performance of their companies according to During his time as the CEO of Bradesco Seguros, Luiz helped the company to realize an overall growth of 10 percent in less than ten years.

Appointment to the current position
When he was appointed to the presidency of Bradesco in 2009, Luiz left the management of Bradesco Seguros to Octavio de Lazari. Octavio served as the CEO of Bradesco Seguros until March this year when he was tapped to replace Luiz as the president of the bank.

Both Luiz and Octavio have worked in Bradesco bank for many years. As a result, they understand the bank’s operations inside out. Their expertise in the banking industry will greatly help Bradesco bank to regain its market leadership.

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Success, Wealth, and Power Go Hand in Hand with Humility, Giving, and Family for Hussain Sajwani

There are many reasons why Hussain Sajwani, chairman of the DAMAC Group is a household name. Many know him for his flamboyant lifestyle, others for his bombastic advertising campaigns for his exclusive real estate developments, still others for his close personal and professional relationship with Donald Trump. There are those who know him as the founder of the DAMAC Group and the guiding force that has turned it into an international conglomerate that spans multiple industries and financial sectors. There are also those who know him and his family for their extensive philanthropy and the generosity that they have shown to charitable causes both in the middle east, and around the globe. Yes, he is a man who is well known around the globe, but what most people don’t know about him is the story of how he came from humble beginnings to become one of the most powerful and richest men on the planet.


Hussain Sajwani may now eat his food with a gold spoon, but he was certainly not born with one. He wasn’t even born with a silver spoon. He was born the son of a shopkeeper who sold luxury ink pens and watches to the powerful businessmen who were cashing in on the economic boom of the late fifties and early sixties in the middle east. Uranium and oil were the new hope of the region and with the energy industry came a need for rapid and extensive development across the board. The men who came to Hussain’s father’s shop were men who were laying the foundations for this new world. His father dabbled in the real estate market, taking advice and learning what he could from those men and along the way a passion for real estate grew inside of Hussain.


As he approached adulthood Hussain decided to not follow in his father’s footsteps and be a merchant, but rather he chose to pursue a professional path. At first, he attended a medical university in Baghdad on a government scholarship, but he soon found that science and medicine did not have the pull for him that real estate and business did. After returning home he started the first incarnation of the company that would later become the current DAMAC Group. In 2002 the company took its current form as it expanded to take advantage of a government decree which allowed foreign entities to possess property in the U.A.E. for the first time in more than half a century. Within a few short years, the firm was holding under its management more than 100M sq.ft. of luxury real estate.


In 2013 Hussain Sajwani reached out to his personal friend of many years, fellow billionaire, international real estate mogul, and future president of the United States Donald J. Trump so that the men might team up on a project. In the end, they teamed up on not one, but two large projects. Both projects were for golf courses with the larger of the two being the TRUMP International Golf Course Dubai, which opened in 2017. The TRUMP International Golf Course Dubai, co-developed with Sajwani and the DAMAC Group is the largest and most opulent golf course and country club facility in the world. Lavish properties are what both Sajwani and Trump are known for and with this development, the men outdid even their own best.


Sajwani is more than just a businessman though. He is also the head of his large and successful family. It is his love of family, and the lessons that he learned from his parents growing up, that has led him to live the life of generosity and service that he has undertaken. He has given millions to charitable organizations to help those at home and abroad live better lives. He is a great example of how success, wealth, and power do not mean that you have to lose sight of the fundamentals of your humanity.

Hussain Sajwani’s Investments of Properties Development

Damac Properties is a renowned real estate company that is located in Dubai in UAE. The company was founded in 2002 by the current chairman known as Hussain Sajwani. Further, Damac Properties was founded as a branch from the Damac Group that had been established earlier in 1992. Over the years the company grew exponentially to be one of the most successful companies in properties development in the UAE and its environs. Again, it was also the first property company to be listed in London Stoke Exchange in the Middle East.


About Damac Properties’ Recent Project

Damac Properties recently issued a tender regarding a world-class development of a second tower that will be based in Aykon City along Sheikh Zayed Road. According to the given tender, the building will contain ten podium levers, three basements, and a ground floor. What’s more, it will have a complete area that will occupy 1.7 million square feet. Besides, the top-notch building is set to be 49 storied incorporating residential properties, a rooftop and secluded areas for entertainment. The company’s master plan of Aykon Plaza includes residential units, hotel, serviced apartments, spas, cafes, swimming pools, and office space.


Mohammed Tahaineh who serves at the Damac Properties as the senior vice president said that the construction of the tower in Aykon City is already underway. He also added that the piling stages of the foundations were completed and the company had already reached the tendering stage. Notably, the Damac Properties had been previously granted a contract by the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) that amounted to AED 600 million. Additionally, DAMAC Properties considers the Aykon City as one of its most significant development in Dubai.


About Hussain Sajwani the Founder of Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani graduated from the University Of Washington before joining GASCO Company as a contracts manager. He would later establish his first business in the catering industry in 1982. Sajwani’s investment in the catering business grew tremendously to be a leader in its sector where up to date it is still flourishing. He again ventured into real estate industry in the mid-90s where he was involved in building hotels in Dubai due to the high economic growth at the time. Today, the company has its portfolio in big cities in UAE including Beirut, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha among others.

Retail Investment Trading Goes Pro: An AvaTrade Review

Investing is an adrenaline rush, whether you just invested your first dollar or have been trading six-figure sums for years. But like most rushes there is an element of risk that lingers, one that can only be quieted by consistent education, trial and error. So it makes sense that most investors, beginner or advanced, would prefer a trading option that not only gives them full control over their investments but also the security of knowing that their money is in good hands. That’s were AvaTrade comes in.


AvaTrade was created as AvaFX in 2006, and quickly took its place in the spotlight as one of the top virtual platforms for retail investment trades. At last count the company had amassed over 200,000 accounts in countries across the globe and opened regional offices in five major cities. They made a name for themselves providing secure trading options in an environment that welcomed users of all expertise and experience levels – something that’s uncommon to see in the trading world.


The company begins by luring in prospective and new clients with incredible bonuses and deposit incentives – up to $10,000 in some cases. If you aren’t quite ready to make the leap just let their free demo account is for you, with access to all tools and features of the regular website without ever putting any money down. Those who are ready to jump into trading can fund their account with as little as $100, which is almost unheard of, and customers are offered AvaTrade debit cards to easily access and withdraw available funds at any time. They offer most investment instruments, including Bitcoin, Forex, commodities, and stocks, and are regulated by several well-know institutions including the Central Bank of Ireland.


If you’re looking for a virtual retail investment broker that offers long-term trading in a secure and easy-to-use platform, AvaTrade is for you. With a long list of positive aspects and the only negative aspect a 5 day withdrawal period, the company is far ahead of the competition in all aspects of the investment trading game.

Alexandre Gama Welcomes The Challenges

Alexandre Gama is perhaps the most well-known advertising executive in all of Brazil. After working as a copywriter for most of the 1980s, Gama finally got his chance to be a Creative Director in 1990 with DM9. After spending most of the next decade as an executive, Gama started his own agency in 1999, which he named Neogama. Neogama quickly became a world-renown agency, winning 23 Golden Lions at the Cannes Film Festival including two in its first year of existence.
Gama was the first Central American to teach a Masterclass a the Cannes Film Festival and quickly established himself as one of the world’s greatest creative minds. Starting from the bottom, Gama rose through the ranks and has earned all of the accolades he has been given. Never one to give his critics a reason to doubt him, Alexandre looks forward to all the challenges in the advertising world.

How Larkin and Lacey Have Changed the Lives of Arizona Based Immigrants

Jim and Michael and renowned journalists and happens to be the founder of Village Voice Media that they founded in 1970. It was established as an alternative newspaper in Arizona. They happen to be among the few journalists to have been arrested for what they advertised and wrote.

Village Voice Media had previously encountered such battles but in 2007, things happen d to be abo it different and the two journalists were arrested for what they thought was wrong. They were arrested for the articles they wrote regarding the article that touched on what used to happen at the Maricopa County offices which were led by one Joe Arpaio.

Larkin and lacey careers were brought to an ultimate end and they could no longer be able to work on their weekly news. The arrest was very painful and the guys who were allowed to arrest them kidnapped them.

They were taken to different cells both of which were under the jurisdiction of the government. The two journalists were being intimidated by the government whereby they were being forced to disclose private information about the people who used to read their content.

Later after sometimes, their cases were thus terminated by the famous county attorney known as Andrew Thomas. Immediately after the cases were dropped, they decided to proceed to seek a legal redress and went back to the courts and sued Joe Arpaio, Dennis Wilenchik who happened to be the prosecutor and also the county attorney.

The cited violation of their Fifth Amendment Rights. After a certain period of legal battles, the case was ruled out that the attorney did not consult the grand jury. With that effect, they were forced to pay the journalists some settlement of $3.75 million. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Their compensation came at a time when things were not moving as planned and they decided to open the famous Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. They decided to commit their life and skills for the betterment of the immigrants.

The two journalists were from the Hispanic community and they both worked hard for the benefits of the immigrants. They have been fighting for the rights of these undocumented immigrants since the year 1970 and they started using the funds towards promotion of better governance.

They have always committed their lives and skills to the success of their lives and have always been on the frontline ensuring that every right of the immigrant is defended. Lacey and Larkin have been funding individuals and groups which are committed towards the progress of a certain community.

With Lazaro Brandao Retiring, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Now The Chairman Of The Board And Longest-Serving Employee At Banco Bradecso

Unlike human beings, companies can exist perpetually. Consequently, companies can outlive both their leaders and stakeholders. For that to happen, however, each of the company’s successive leaders must work towards making it grow within their tenure. The cumulative success of their tenures is what makes a company thrive over the course of a number of decades. One example of such a company is Brazilian bank Bradesco.

The bank has consistently featured at the top of the country’s financial sector owing, in large part, to the caliber of leaders it has had. Currently, the bank is again faced with the decision of choosing a new leader. As with previous years, the continued existence of the bank will depend on the type of leader that the bank will choose.

The chain of events that have led to a leadership vacancy at Bradesco commenced when Lazaro Brandao unprecedentedly made the announcement early last month that he would be resigning as the chairman of the bank’s board according to Lazaro Brandao has been the chairman of the board since 1990 and before that served as the bank’s second president. While his resignation was not planned, it certainly was not unexpected given the fact that Brandao is now aged 91. Further, given the extent to which he has helped the Bradesco brand grow, his has more than earned the right to rest.


Brandao’s deputy on the board, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was selected to take up the position of chairman in his place. However, given the fact that Luiz Carlos Trabuco also served as the president of the bank, his previous position also became vacant. The bank is now engaged in the process of selecting a new president.

There is no hurry to name the next Bradesco president. The decision on who will take up the position cannot be made until 30 days before March 2018 – when the next shareholders’ meeting is scheduled.

Until then, the leadership of the bank will remain in the capable hands of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who is now both president and chairman of the large lender. While it is not known who will be the next president, it is a certainty that the individual will come from within the Bradesco group.

The bank has through its seven-decade existence cultivated the reputation of selecting leaders specifically from within its ranks. That would, therefore, mean that the next Bradesco president will be one of the senior executives who currently serve as a vice president at the bank.

The changes being made at Bradesco will not just end at the chairman and presidency positions. The bank’s board is also expected to undergo a big shakeup in the coming weeks. The board currently has eight members, drawn from within the Bradesco group but also family members of the bank’s founder Amador Aguiar.

This number has been deemed small for the ever-expanding financial institution, and the board will consequently be expanded to have more members. However, this will also come with the caveat that the new president will no longer have a seat on the board. With Bradesco now a giant bank with operations in all facets of the financial industry, it may be asking a little too much of the incoming president to have him fulfill the day-to-day duties of running the bank, while also serving on the board.

The latest economic results coming out of Brazil will bode very well for the incoming Bradesco president. After years of challenges, the economy looks to be finally rebounding thus creating the perfect environment in which the incoming president can start off his/her tenure.

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Stay Inspired with Louis Chenevert’s Professional Chronicles

There is nothing that boosts the psyche of young business persons than a heroic story of an entrepreneur. Legends are there to learn from and help us achieve greatness. This is because we learn how to handle challenges and avoid the mistakes they did. With this knowledge, we become better versions of our heroes. Louis Chenevert is one of the most named personalities globally. Many investors continue to employ his strategies in their businesses.

Louis Chenevert was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. He acquired his bachelor degree in Production Management in HEC Montreal. He never let this skills stay in theory; he used it to build his legacy.
Louis Chenevert is popularly known because of his time as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). However, he had a long journey in his career before he got here. He began as an employee of General Motors where he worked for 14 years. Before he resigned, he worked as a Production Manager. He later worked with Pratt & Whitney, an aircraft engine manufacturer, where he was made the CEO in his first six years. This was a great time of his career.
Louis Chenevert was appointed as the CEO of UTC in 2006. This can be described as the boom session of his career. The Company deals with the provision of refrigeration gadgets, air conditioning gadgets, sensors among other high tech products.
During his time in UTC, so many changes have occurred. The Company’s share price has increased by almost 200%.He was also able to acquire the Goodrich at $16.3 million. This deal is considered the most significant aerospace deal in Americas History.
Louis saw the need to invest in future. He also sees many advantages that would come along with the presence of high tech energy. This was going to lead to the growth of the economy of the state in general.
Louis Chenevert did not only believe in future technology investment only but also in individuals. The current UTC CEO employees his strategies. He sees this as a way to maintain high sales. This is why they have a program to educate their employees. They ensure that they have degrees in their departments for quality output.

Daniel Mark Harrison, the Multi-Talented Entrepreneur

Daniel Mark Harrison is an entrepreneur of many hats. He is a dynamic author, prudent journalist and great editor. As a descendant of Harrison, the lineage is famously known for the money minting company called Harrison & Sons which was founded in 1997. Daniel Mark Harrison has an excellent academic background which has inspired many upcoming entrepreneurs and authors. He has a Master’s degree in journalism and a certificate in Economics he earned from 2007 to 2008 from Stern School of Business and Carter Institute of Journalism respectively. From 2005 to 2006 he received a degree in Theology from Oxford.

He also writes for global publications like the Portfolio Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and other online journals. Daniel is a renowned blogger, financial columnist, and also an analyst where he has covered many Asian daily and weekly columns. He also doubles as an Editor-in-Chief for CoinSpeaker. His writings have attracted many readers of approximately 450,000 readers per month. The magazine also highlighted cases of US drug companies that were releasing drugs said to be causing cervical cancer.
Daniel Mark Harrison is an entrepreneur who has strived to ensure that all the businesses that he has managed are successful. He has not disappointed in showing the world what his capabilities are. He has been abler to make the business he has been through very successful.

Daniel Mark Harrison has made tremendous achievements as an investor. Being the CEO and Chairman of a global investment company called DMH&CO, he has a family office that manages business operations in Hong Kong, Bangkok and another in Singapore. He also introduced factory banking, an online model for businesses and transactions called the Internet of Things (IoT).

Apart from Daniel Mark Harrison & CO (DHM&CO) which is a big property development company, Mark Harrison intends to buy Absolute Living Development (ALD) Company. The company will improve the costs of the units by 15% due to demand from experts who want to broaden it in advance. Daniel Mark Harrison is also an economic expert and a consultant on asset management. Daniel Mark Harrison is one of the great business people of our time.