How Sunday Riley Became a Trendsetter

Without a doubt, Sunday Riley is a skin care trendsetter. Regardless what she formulates, beauty fanatics stay in lines at the beauty stores to get her creations. When Riley started her company in 2009, she did not expect to have this much recognition and fame. She merely wanted to create “cleaner” skin care products including botanical ingredients stabilized with active agents. She worked hard to develop products that would provide the best possible results. She has tried and tossed hundreds of formulations to find the one that has the texture, the smell, and the effectiveness of a product she was craving.

Sunday Riley treats her products as warmly as if those are her babies. She loves them all. It is hard for her to pick one product as her favorite. She uses all her skin care products on herself.

Every morning Sunday uses her C.E.O serum, which is a high concentration vitamin C solution. Then, she applies her enzyme based brightening moisturizer Tidal. At night, after thoroughly cleaning her face, she applies blue-tinted Luna oil and follows with the C.E.O. serum again. Depending on her skin needs, 2-3 times a week she uses Good Genes exfoliating cream. Sunday uses her U.F.O. clarifying oil to purify her skin and keep pores clean. As for her renowned Juno oil, Riley uses it on her face, cuticles, hair, and everywhere she feels a bit dry.

Not many people know that in the early days of the company, Sunday Riley created a vast variety of makeup products. However, it was hard for her to market the products, spread the word and she decided to stop producing makeup.

Now, living in an entirely different era, Sunday Riley went back to basics and created a new foundation. It is a sheer, skin-like coverage foundation that can be built up for medium coverage. She created the foundation in 20 shades, having in mind beauties of different colors. According to Sunday Riley, this foundation was the hardest product she ever created. At the same time, Riley feels proud for all the work she did and brought to the world her new “baby.”

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