Entrepreneur Krishen Iyer Shares What His Company Managed Benefit Services Is All About

Krishen Iyer works in the insurance industry as a marketing expert and consultant. He established his own company in this industry in 2016 called Quick Link Marketing, now known as Managed Benefit Services. He says that his company is all about interfacing with clients, technical development and online marketing. The two types of insurance policies he specializes in are health insurance and dental insurance. His company helps specific agents market their products and services and he provides them with quality leads.
He is a member of the 2004 graduating class of San Diego State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in public administration. Before he had even graduated from college Krishen Iyer had started his first insurance company. This company was IHS Insurance which he led until 2014. He founded his second insurance industry firm, Name My Premium, in 2009. This company was successful enough to land on the Inc 5000 list in 2015.
He says that at Managed Benefit Services he gathers insurance leads from lead generating businesses. He has a technology platform that analyzes these leads and selects the best ones which he then passes on to his clients. Krishen Iyer says that nobody else was doing this in the marketplace so he saw his opening for a new type of company.
When he launched Managed Benefit Services his goal was for this company to start turning a profit in 24 months. He says that they were a bit ahead of this target and his company is doing very well. He says that he never had any doubts that this venture would be successful but of course he also practiced caution. He started signing up customers before his firm was formally established and so was able to hit the ground running right from the start.

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