Luiz Carlos Trabuco Proves His Loyalty To Bradesco Bank By Serving In The Bank His Entire Banking Career

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is not only a revered leader in the Brazilian banking sector but he is also an award-winning celebrity. He has immense experience in his field of expertise having worked in Bradesco for 47 years. Bradesco bank, where he currently serves as the chairman is the largest bank in Latin America with over 27 million account holders. The bank also has numerous branches that are spread across the country.

Rising to the top management at Bradesco bank
Luiz Carlos Trabuco went to Fundacao School where he studied sociology and politics. Luiz never imagined that he would take up a career in banking. But as fate would have it, he applied for an internship at Bradesco bank in 1969 and he was accepted. He launched his career in Bradesco at the age of 18 years.

Despite lacking a background training in Finance and Accounting, Luiz Carlos Trabuco strived to gain experience by learning from his colleagues and superiors. He completed training in various courses while still working for the Bradesco bank. The former chairman, Lazaro Brandao believed in Luiz, and it explains why he organized for a full scholarship for his master’s degree.

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After working as a clerk for fifteen years, Luiz was tapped to lead the marketing department. He initiated many programs in the marketing department that enabled Bradesco bank to rise to the top position in the Brazilian banking sector. He pioneered the Market segmentation model and also opened the bank to the media. As the leader of the marketing department, Luiz encouraged his team members to focus on service delivery and not numbers. He believed that great service delivery would attract and retain more customers in the bank.

In the wake of New Millennium, Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Bradesco’s executives’ inner circle when he was appointed the vice president of the bank. He was later transferred to head the pension and insurance division known as Bradesco Seguros as the CEO. He worked in this capacity until 2009 when he was appointed to become the president of the bank.

Earning the Insurance personality of the Year Award
Luiz won the Insurance Personality of the Year award twice, in 2003 and 2009. The award was given by Barbato Filho and it is meant to celebrate leaders in the insurance sector who manages to turn around the performance of their companies according to During his time as the CEO of Bradesco Seguros, Luiz helped the company to realize an overall growth of 10 percent in less than ten years.

Appointment to the current position
When he was appointed to the presidency of Bradesco in 2009, Luiz left the management of Bradesco Seguros to Octavio de Lazari. Octavio served as the CEO of Bradesco Seguros until March this year when he was tapped to replace Luiz as the president of the bank.

Both Luiz and Octavio have worked in Bradesco bank for many years. As a result, they understand the bank’s operations inside out. Their expertise in the banking industry will greatly help Bradesco bank to regain its market leadership.

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Top Investment Advice From Igor Cornelsen the financial guru

Igor Cornelsen has for the past four decades managed funds in the stock market for different Brazilian Banks. This career path allowed him to gain enormous experience fund management, stock valuations, and numerous other Brazilian investment avenues. Now that he is retired, Igor has dedicated the rest of his life to offering advice to both beginners and experienced individuals on how to go about investing in the Brazilian stock markets.

He insists that the world of investment is only difficult and risky when the investor isn’t sure of what they are doing. Igor is also known to begin his advice sessions by stating that for you to reap maximally from the stock markets, you first need to understand the investing rules as well as operations of the individual investment vehicles at your disposal. When asked for the best advice he can accord budding investors, Igor has this to say: View about Igor Cornelsen

Hire an advisor

Before you consider dipping your capital into any form of investment, regardless of its performance at the time, evaluate your experience and understanding of the market. Igor Cornelsen advises that several factors come into play when determining the short- and long-term performance of an investment vehicle, factors that only an experienced investor can help decipher.

Invest in stocks, not companies

Igor Cornelsen is particularly known for his sound advice when it comes to investments in damaged companies and stocks. According to him, these present an investor with the most potent payoffs in the long run. However, he is more inclined to invest in damaged stocks as opposed to companies as they present better recuperation chances. Igor points out to this as one of the reasons you need an advisor, to help you differentiate between damaged stocks and companies.

Diversify your portfolio

Mr.Cornelsen also believes that an investor’s portfolio should have a mix of sound investments as well as high-risk ventures. Such a diversified portfolio presents you with an ability to gain valuable returns from multiple sources. He also observes that a well spread out portfolio cushions your losses against possible high-risk investments. This too boils down to having a good investment advisor to help you strike a balance between your high risk and conservative investments.

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