Paul Mampilly warning to bitcoin investors

Paul Mampilly is an experienced investor with over 25 years experience in the financial industry. He is one of the people who are doing very well in the financial industry. Mr. Mampilly retired from the Wall Street after he made enough money for himself and the organizations he was working for. He decided to leave so that he could concentrate on finding solutions for the investors who lacked basic information about analysis of the stock markets. Paul Mampilly is concerned about the low number of Americans who are benefiting from the sector. He started a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited so that he could educate investors on things they should look out for when making investment decisions.

Paul Mampilly is talented in market analysis. He has been in the industry long enough to know when profitable opportunities are available. He can also tell when the markets are faking out investors. He can know when there is a bubble in a particular industry. Bubbles are the worst things to any trader or investor. It is very easy to lose money in a bubble as it is easy to make a fortune. Success from a bubble depends on the ability to pull out of the investment before the damage happens. Bubble burst normally leaves investors with huge losses due to unprecedented fall in prices.

Paul Mampilly is warning investor to take care of bitcoin. Although many think it is the digital gold, there is a huge risk involved in it. Those who have invested in bitcoin risk losing their investment from the prices fluctuation witnessed lately. Prices were very high at the end of last year, but they have now plummeted. Paul Mampilly thinks that the high prices that bitcoin has earlier reached are unsustainable and anyone buying the digital currency at those prices is making a huge mistake.

Paul Mampilly has experience in recognizing a bubble in the market. The bitcoin issue is not the first that Paul Mampilly has seen. In 1999, he was still in the industry when technology bubble happened many investors in the technology stock lost money after the stocks prices dipped after rallying to high prices. Some had grown with over 2000%. Many investors had been enticed by the huge prices and made the mistake of buying at very high prices. When the prices dipped, there was nothing to mitigate the effect. Paul Mampilly sees the same fate befall bitcoin. It might take some time, but ultimately, the bubble will burst.

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Success, Wealth, and Power Go Hand in Hand with Humility, Giving, and Family for Hussain Sajwani

There are many reasons why Hussain Sajwani, chairman of the DAMAC Group is a household name. Many know him for his flamboyant lifestyle, others for his bombastic advertising campaigns for his exclusive real estate developments, still others for his close personal and professional relationship with Donald Trump. There are those who know him as the founder of the DAMAC Group and the guiding force that has turned it into an international conglomerate that spans multiple industries and financial sectors. There are also those who know him and his family for their extensive philanthropy and the generosity that they have shown to charitable causes both in the middle east, and around the globe. Yes, he is a man who is well known around the globe, but what most people don’t know about him is the story of how he came from humble beginnings to become one of the most powerful and richest men on the planet.


Hussain Sajwani may now eat his food with a gold spoon, but he was certainly not born with one. He wasn’t even born with a silver spoon. He was born the son of a shopkeeper who sold luxury ink pens and watches to the powerful businessmen who were cashing in on the economic boom of the late fifties and early sixties in the middle east. Uranium and oil were the new hope of the region and with the energy industry came a need for rapid and extensive development across the board. The men who came to Hussain’s father’s shop were men who were laying the foundations for this new world. His father dabbled in the real estate market, taking advice and learning what he could from those men and along the way a passion for real estate grew inside of Hussain.


As he approached adulthood Hussain decided to not follow in his father’s footsteps and be a merchant, but rather he chose to pursue a professional path. At first, he attended a medical university in Baghdad on a government scholarship, but he soon found that science and medicine did not have the pull for him that real estate and business did. After returning home he started the first incarnation of the company that would later become the current DAMAC Group. In 2002 the company took its current form as it expanded to take advantage of a government decree which allowed foreign entities to possess property in the U.A.E. for the first time in more than half a century. Within a few short years, the firm was holding under its management more than 100M sq.ft. of luxury real estate.


In 2013 Hussain Sajwani reached out to his personal friend of many years, fellow billionaire, international real estate mogul, and future president of the United States Donald J. Trump so that the men might team up on a project. In the end, they teamed up on not one, but two large projects. Both projects were for golf courses with the larger of the two being the TRUMP International Golf Course Dubai, which opened in 2017. The TRUMP International Golf Course Dubai, co-developed with Sajwani and the DAMAC Group is the largest and most opulent golf course and country club facility in the world. Lavish properties are what both Sajwani and Trump are known for and with this development, the men outdid even their own best.


Sajwani is more than just a businessman though. He is also the head of his large and successful family. It is his love of family, and the lessons that he learned from his parents growing up, that has led him to live the life of generosity and service that he has undertaken. He has given millions to charitable organizations to help those at home and abroad live better lives. He is a great example of how success, wealth, and power do not mean that you have to lose sight of the fundamentals of your humanity.

Hussain Sajwani’s Investments of Properties Development

Damac Properties is a renowned real estate company that is located in Dubai in UAE. The company was founded in 2002 by the current chairman known as Hussain Sajwani. Further, Damac Properties was founded as a branch from the Damac Group that had been established earlier in 1992. Over the years the company grew exponentially to be one of the most successful companies in properties development in the UAE and its environs. Again, it was also the first property company to be listed in London Stoke Exchange in the Middle East.


About Damac Properties’ Recent Project

Damac Properties recently issued a tender regarding a world-class development of a second tower that will be based in Aykon City along Sheikh Zayed Road. According to the given tender, the building will contain ten podium levers, three basements, and a ground floor. What’s more, it will have a complete area that will occupy 1.7 million square feet. Besides, the top-notch building is set to be 49 storied incorporating residential properties, a rooftop and secluded areas for entertainment. The company’s master plan of Aykon Plaza includes residential units, hotel, serviced apartments, spas, cafes, swimming pools, and office space.


Mohammed Tahaineh who serves at the Damac Properties as the senior vice president said that the construction of the tower in Aykon City is already underway. He also added that the piling stages of the foundations were completed and the company had already reached the tendering stage. Notably, the Damac Properties had been previously granted a contract by the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) that amounted to AED 600 million. Additionally, DAMAC Properties considers the Aykon City as one of its most significant development in Dubai.


About Hussain Sajwani the Founder of Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani graduated from the University Of Washington before joining GASCO Company as a contracts manager. He would later establish his first business in the catering industry in 1982. Sajwani’s investment in the catering business grew tremendously to be a leader in its sector where up to date it is still flourishing. He again ventured into real estate industry in the mid-90s where he was involved in building hotels in Dubai due to the high economic growth at the time. Today, the company has its portfolio in big cities in UAE including Beirut, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha among others.

Jed Mccaleb’s Great Innovations on Global Payment Solutions

Jed McCaleb is a co-founder of the renowned Stellar Organization which was established in 2014. He serves in the organization as the head of technical development where his motivation stems from investing in the technology to help in the improvement of the human condition. McCaleb is also responsible for having created a file-sharing network known as the eDonkey which is one of the largest platforms of its type. He was also in the forefront of the creation of the first bitcoin exchange that was done in 2011 and Mt. Gox as well. What’s more, Jed also serves at MIRI as an advisor which is an institution that focuses on research to allow for mitigation of risks.


How Jed McCaleb Perceives the Future of Cryptocurrencies

Jed McCaleb envisions that future transactions will be conducted by use of technology. This will include making global payments, stock markets, and fundraising due to the high technology advancements. McCaleb who serves as the chief technology officer at Stellar has been involved with the crypto organizations such as the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange. Jed’s primary objective behind the cryptocurrency network is to create a network program that can be used for cross-border transactions.


Moreover, McCaleb believes that future global payment will be made using the Cryptocurrencies where there will be a public ledger that no one can interfere with. Again, this will also incorporate different currencies such as euros and dollars hence ease of usage. Currently, the IBM is in the progress of developing the global transaction system with some of the large banks in conjunction with Stellar’s network. Also, according to Autonomous Next which is a financial research firm, the initial coin offerings have increased to an equivalent of about $9 billion in only four years.


Further, McCaleb anticipates that even stocks which are non- cryptoassest so far, will be assimilated into the digital platform using the given technology. He adds that in 10 years to come that all equity will be integrated through the blockchains as the demand for trade will naturally demand centrally controlled exchange of currencies calling for cross-border payments. Additionally, the piloting of the digital financial markets is already in progress where an instance is the securrency based in Maryland in which investors can purchase stocks using bitcoins.

Joel Friant’s Life Explained

Joel Friant was always working to make his life better and when he decided to become many different things for many different reasons.


Joel was always working on making people’s lives better and he likes to help people make themselves be the best they can be. He started working in real estate and then he went to home remodeling. After this he went on to work in a restaurant in 1995. He created the first Thai fast food inspired in the united states. When he opened this he was totally in love with the Habanero chile pepper when he tasted it in high school.


After he tasted he then went on and went to Jamaica where he tasted many other recipes that contained the pepper that he loves. He then went on to sell the recipes to stores in Washington before he started his own real estate business. When he was cooking with his peppers he was also following a course on Amazon and eBay which helped him when he was working in a restaurant. Overall he went back to real estate and was wondering why some people failed where others were financially set in life. Life was a joy for him when he was working. He liked what he did and how he did it.


Although Joel went back to real estate he always had a love for his peppers and always remembered them. Joel believes that you should always have a head start in life and start young when choosing which way to go. He was working on finding out why people were a set way and how they did it the way they did. This then made him decided to work on his successful concepts in life.


This is the life of Joel Friant and how he became the person he is. He is a successful business man.

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Retail Investment Trading Goes Pro: An AvaTrade Review

Investing is an adrenaline rush, whether you just invested your first dollar or have been trading six-figure sums for years. But like most rushes there is an element of risk that lingers, one that can only be quieted by consistent education, trial and error. So it makes sense that most investors, beginner or advanced, would prefer a trading option that not only gives them full control over their investments but also the security of knowing that their money is in good hands. That’s were AvaTrade comes in.


AvaTrade was created as AvaFX in 2006, and quickly took its place in the spotlight as one of the top virtual platforms for retail investment trades. At last count the company had amassed over 200,000 accounts in countries across the globe and opened regional offices in five major cities. They made a name for themselves providing secure trading options in an environment that welcomed users of all expertise and experience levels – something that’s uncommon to see in the trading world.


The company begins by luring in prospective and new clients with incredible bonuses and deposit incentives – up to $10,000 in some cases. If you aren’t quite ready to make the leap just let their free demo account is for you, with access to all tools and features of the regular website without ever putting any money down. Those who are ready to jump into trading can fund their account with as little as $100, which is almost unheard of, and customers are offered AvaTrade debit cards to easily access and withdraw available funds at any time. They offer most investment instruments, including Bitcoin, Forex, commodities, and stocks, and are regulated by several well-know institutions including the Central Bank of Ireland.


If you’re looking for a virtual retail investment broker that offers long-term trading in a secure and easy-to-use platform, AvaTrade is for you. With a long list of positive aspects and the only negative aspect a 5 day withdrawal period, the company is far ahead of the competition in all aspects of the investment trading game.

The Oxford Club Provides Strategies with Lightning Trend Trader

The Oxford Club provides analysis into soaring stocks within emerging sectors such as biotechnology, energy and technology and other sectors that are prime for huge rates of return on investment with the Lightning Trend Trader service. The Oxford Club is an organization of wealthy members from various industries that are rich investors and entrepreneurs seeking opportunities to generate high rates of return that are larger than the general norms established on the stock market. The organization was founded in Baltimore Maryland in 1989 and comprises of members from over a 131 countries around the globe.

The Oxford Club generates analysis and evaluations of various investment opportunities mainly in the stock market to generate insightful information for investors to base sound portfolio decisions around. Oxford Club members are wealthy individuals seeking to live lavish lifestyles by investing in assets that generate high levels of return which keep their wealth growing. The Club provides profound information on multiple areas including bonds, options, funds, real estate, precious metals, currencies, and equities. With the information provided within the Lightning Trend Trader, the Oxford Club members can take advantage of key information from various sectors including the biotechnology, energy and technology sectors that are prime for huge levels of growth.

The Lightning Trend Trader is established to give an evaluation on potential exploding stock areas that are cutting edge in research and development that will produce large returns on investment from those individuals with information provided within the service. Oxford Club members utilize the Lightning Trend Trader to gain a competitive edge on the market through the research and analysis provided by the service.

The research provided by the Lightning Trend Trader service is done by Mark Littlefield a seasoned veteran in the research and evaluation of biotechnology and energy stocks. With the information provided within the Lightning Trend Trader The Oxford Club members are provided valuable information and analysis of the emerging catalyst that sends the stocks soaring on the stock market and provide a competitive edge to investors for returns that outperform market norms.

The Career Life of the Renown Editor; Ted Bauman.

Ted Bauman is the chief editor of the Plan B Club, the Bauman letter and the Alpha stock alert at the Bunyan hill publishing. He started working at Banyan hill in 2013, and his primary role is to work on the low-risk investment strategies, asset protection and the international migration issues. Before he started working at Banyan, Mr. Ted worked as an editor of the smart money alert. In 2008, he also served as the managing director of the Habitat for humanity for international housing programmes. At the company, he specialized in extensive research and writing on the international development. In the 2000’s Bauman served as a specialist in researching and writing about urban planning and housing for international clients including the United Nation, European agencies and the South African government organization.

Ted Bauman was born in Washington DC and was raised in Maryland. In his youth age, he traveled to South Africa where he served different positions. He worked as a fund manager for affordable housing projects and also worked in various positions in the nonprofit organization. He joined the Cape Town University for his postgraduate studies and graduated with degrees in economics and history. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

At Banyan hill, he has successfully worked in putting essential ideas and topics into writing for the readers to gain the skills and knowledge especially for the finance and the asset protection. Ted Bauman is the man behind the success of the famous Bauman letter which is an investment newsletter. In his writings in the Bauman letter, he has helped readers gain investment knowledge and grow their financial understandings. The letter majorly talks about personal freedom, protection of privacy, making your financial dreams come true and actionable strategies that will help readers grow their wealth.

Ted Bauman also writes for the He writes economic and financial related topics and their impact on the nation. Recently he wrote about tax reforms and cryptocurrency. He has helped readers have more insights into the investment sector and financial growth. He also authored the book “where to stash your cash.”

Mr. Bauman’s writings have been published in several international journals including; the South African press, New Internationalist, The Guardian, Cape Argus, Cape Times. His articles have also featured in Small enterprise development, Journal of microfinance, environment and urbanization. Ted has put his economy knowledge to good use by helping people find their way up to the financial growth. View:


Investment Expert Ian King: Helping People Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Entrepreneur Ian King has spent more than 20 years analyzing the financial markets and involved in making trades. He is also a well-known cryptocurrency trader. Since graduating from Lafayette College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, King has made quite a name for himself as a trader. Now he’s in the forefront of the burgeoning new cryptocurrency market. Ian King loves sharing information about cryptocurrency with veteran investors as well as novices that express an interest in crypto assets. Through his column with Banyan Hill Publishing, his Medium account and his personal blog, he offers cryptocurrency market analysis and the industry’s latest developments. Learn more at about Ian King Banyan

Recently, Ian King Banyan began introducing people to the CryptoCorns. When a startup venture has a $1 billion valuation, it’s called a unicorn by people in the financial industry because it was so rare. Today, there are over 276 companies labeled as ‘unicorns’. Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox and Pinterest at part of this group. Now, here comes the cryptocorns. Cryptocorns are cryptocurrency startups that have billion dollar valuation. At one point bitcoin was the only cryptocorn. However, Altcoins, ethereum, monero, ripple, litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies are now part of that group.

Many of these Unicorns and Cryptocorns generate returns in excess of 400%. The average brokerage account doesn’t earn 400% returns. It’s only venture capitalists and investment accounts with millions and billions get those types of returns because they are able to become early investors in the next ‘big thing’. Cryptocurrency is the next ‘big thing’ and financial expert Ian King is offering regular investors the type of information they need to get in on the bottom floor of these emerging cryptocurrencies. He shares this information through his articles.

Ian King shares his impressiv

Organo Gold: Offering Coffee With A Range Of Health Benefits

What would out mornings be without our trusty cup of coffee? Whether you like it as an espresso, a latte, or a cappuccino, there is simply no denying how satisfying a good cup of coffee can be. Americans, in particular, love their cup of coffee, as evidenced by a report posted by the National Coffee Association which stated that coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the country after water. Watch this video on Youtube.

The type of beans is one of the essential components of making a good cup of coffee.The quality and intensity of the beans make a huge difference in the cup of coffee that you receive. There’s a reason why coffee enthusiasts go to great lengths to acquire those rich and exquisite types of coffee. One company that has been known to time and again product high-quality products that meet international standards is the Canadian Organo Gold Company. The company was first founded in 2008 and since it has expanded tremendously to be the company that it is today. The company was founded by Bernardo Chua, who is an entrepreneur who had been working in the industry for several years. He wanted to build a coffee brand that could reach customers in an easier way, and which would appeal to the tastes of even the biggest coffee enthusiasts.


For coffee lovers, the range of products that Organo Gold offers are blended with a certain type of mushrooms known as Ganoderma Lucidum, which is known to have several beneficial properties that can improve a person’s overall health and improve their immunity. The products can help people who want to stay fit and healthy and want to have a good cup of coffee.



One of the reasons why the brand has grown to be such a huge name in the industry is because of the scientific board that exists to direct the company and the coffee that it produces. Coffee is known to have a range of benefits that can improve alertness, improve vasodilation, improve skin repair and a lot more. Bernardo Chua wanted to be able to offer a coffee product that could also improve the overall health of the consumer, which is why he went down the route of appointing doctors to test out the products and make sure that they are meeting the nutritional standards and are able to offer the desired medical benefits.


Unlike most coffee brands, Organo Gold does not sell its coffee through traditional mediums. A customer can only buy the product through one of its representatives who sell the products to them personally. Organo Gold operates through multi-level marketing and has a wide network of distributors who work to sell the products directly to the customers who want to buy from them. Visit to know more.