Livio Bisterzo Attracts Leonardo DiCaprio With His Unique And Tasty Snacks

Livio Bisterzo made the announcement that a minority equity investment has been made by Leonardo DiCaprio. Livio Bisterzo stated how much excitement he was feeling that both Leonardo DiCaprio and Strand Equity Partners have become a part of the HIPPEAS family.

The brand continues to show consistent growth in the United Kingdom and the United States. Mr. Livio Bisterzo believes his new partners are an excellent fit with the values and vision of the company and is looking forward to the journey they will take together.

According to Seth Rodsky, the co-founder of Strand Equity Partners, HIPPEAS is a brand with an extremely high growth potential. He is delighted with the traction the brand has seen in a short time period and believes this is due to the amazing flavor and nutritional content. He is looking forward to working with both Livio Bisterzo and the incredible team at HIPPEAS. Leonardo DiCaprio is an environmental activist and has additionally invested in a brand of seafood called Love in the Wild.

Livio Bisterzo became an Entrepreneur while he was still attending college. He worked in Marketing, events, and the youth culture. He has created challenges for himself in numerous industries resulting in the creation of some fantastic brands. At other times he admits he failed spectacularly.

It was not until 2015 that he created Green Park Holdings with his objective to build a portfolio dedicated to natural brands that were good for the body. Livio Bisterzo wanted to have a lasting impact on society while promoting a change in the culture. Most of all he wanted to make a positive difference in the drink and food industry.

There was no doubt Livio Bisterzo had succeeded when HIPPEAS launched in 2016. His chickpea puffs were organic with a pleasing taste, a light crunch, and filled with fiber and protein. They are also low in calories, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, organic, non-GMO, and allergen free. Nitrogen is released into the earth through the chickpea plants so they are good to the planet. Every pack of HIPPEAS that is sold results in helping African farmers with a portion of the proceeds.


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