Securus Technologies Measures Up With The Best

Securus Technologies is a nationally leading provider of communications services for safety organizations, law enforcement agencies, and correctional facilities, serving over 3,400 customers and 1.2 million inmates all throughout North America.


The company offers sophisticated phone services to inmates and families such as prepaid calling, inmate debit where the inmate pays for the plan, collect calls, and direct billing. A very popular plan is the video plan where each party on the call can see the other, as long as a web camera is available on both ends of the call. Jail Voicemail, email, and a money transfer feature are also available. These plans offer a variety of ways the inmate and the family can find a calling plan that suits their needs.


Having the availability of a seamless phone plan where inmates and families can connect does a lot to ease the incarceration struggles that inmates have to deal with.


Recently a competitor of Securus, GTL, began to broadcast vast untruths about the service and pricing of Securus by stating aloud and in their advertising that their services and pricing was vastly superior to Securus. The information going out was so false and untrue that Securus decided to put an end to all of the nonsense.


Securus offered GTL the chance to entered into a challenge to compare the metrics of the two companies, and the final decision was to be decided by a disinterested third party adjudicator.  After a couple of weeks, GTL politely declined the offer to participate in the challenge.


If the contest had occurred, there is no doubt that Securus would have overwhelmed GTL. Securus takes their role as serving their customers very seriously, and the results of their efforts reflect that sentiment.