Charity And A Step Toward An Open Society

A Glimmer To Money That No One Else Saw

You have to have a real passion for money if you want to also make it.

Passion sometimes isn’t enough, but it’s where most professionals and world influencers start. The glimmer of money caught the eyes of George Soros in a way that built his passion and commitment to financial success. This led him to then take the steps necessary for accomplishing his personal vision, and more information click here.

The first step was embracing a personal attraction to wealth that would become the foundation of his career and the legacy we see today. George Soros found his passion in the currency markets and made world history in the process. He not only made 1 billion dollars during one trade, he multiplied that process by earning himself more, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

The $18 billion that George Soros gave to the Open Society Foundations comes from a source of funding directly related to his ability that generates billions at a time. He wowed the Bank of England and today the people of the world. His recent charitable gifts dropped his net-worth down 80 percent and so much more is expected financially.

It Takes Passion For Wealth To Also Obtain It

Your financial pursuit should be based on a deep passion.

You can build this passion for anything you dream of in life, but it must be a driving factor and one that keeps your determination where it should be. The passion George found was a result of a devastating life experience during a time when he saw no way out.

This drive and utter determination to live and win pushed George to discover who he was and what was most important to him. This discovery added to the progress his passion was making in regards to a life solution. George Soros entered the London School Of Economics and then paved his way upward.

How George Soros Dealt With His Differences

His reality was much more complicated than a quick ascent upward. The challenges faced by Mr. Soros as a young student dealt with his state as a refugee. Today, he works with various organizations for the rights of refugees across the planet. That work is a result of his personal, past experiences, and

The challenges taught George Soros that discrimination and bigotry goes well beyond skin color and religious beliefs. The underlying work needed for a more open society was evident to George Soros. The steps he then took helped to revolutionize the world in ways no one imagined, and

How Regulators Are Policing Evolving Digital Technologies

The advertising industry in France is undergoing a revolution. Regulators are struggling to catch up with creative ways of refereeing in the digital age. A recent declaration requires photographs used in ads to carry a disclaimer if they have been digitally retouched or edited. It is part of the efforts to eliminate false and misleading information from adverts.

For example, a smashing slim model on an advert did not get there by merely following a given diet. A lot more goes into a healthy, slender appearance. The country has a high number of anorexic youth with an equally high rate of mortalities from the same.

This comes immediately after other policy reforms in the advertising industry in the country. Models must carry a comprehensive health certificate or be liable to jail time or hefty fines. In similar fashion, airing adverts that do not carry the retouched disclaimer could pay up to a third of the advertising investment on that project.

France is not alone in trying to create a framework that addresses evolving digital technologies. Israel and Australia have dabbled with similar issues. Brazil is a pace-setter. A similar bill was passed in 2010 requiring retouched photographs to carry a notice. Bruno Fagali is a successful lawyer from Brazil. He has a particular focus on business law including compliance and governance, ethics, administrative, urban and regulatory law.

Bruno Fagali has a master’s degree in law. He recently received the certification from the University of Sao Paulo in 2017. He already holds a law degree issued by the Pontifical Catholic University in 2009. Bruno Fagali then proceeded to pursue a specialization in administrative law at the same learning institution. He has also completed various training modules in law. Bruno Fagali worked at various law firms before launching his practice Fagali Advocates.

Bruno Fagali launched the law firm in 2016 with a strong focus on compliance, election, and public law among others. He is also affiliated with New/SB, an advertising agency based in Sao Paulo. He has served as the Corporate Integrity Manager with the ad company since 2015. He is multi-lingual and can speak fluently in four languages including Portuguese and English among others. Visit:



With Lazaro Brandao Retiring, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Now The Chairman Of The Board And Longest-Serving Employee At Banco Bradecso

Unlike human beings, companies can exist perpetually. Consequently, companies can outlive both their leaders and stakeholders. For that to happen, however, each of the company’s successive leaders must work towards making it grow within their tenure. The cumulative success of their tenures is what makes a company thrive over the course of a number of decades. One example of such a company is Brazilian bank Bradesco.

The bank has consistently featured at the top of the country’s financial sector owing, in large part, to the caliber of leaders it has had. Currently, the bank is again faced with the decision of choosing a new leader. As with previous years, the continued existence of the bank will depend on the type of leader that the bank will choose.

The chain of events that have led to a leadership vacancy at Bradesco commenced when Lazaro Brandao unprecedentedly made the announcement early last month that he would be resigning as the chairman of the bank’s board according to Lazaro Brandao has been the chairman of the board since 1990 and before that served as the bank’s second president. While his resignation was not planned, it certainly was not unexpected given the fact that Brandao is now aged 91. Further, given the extent to which he has helped the Bradesco brand grow, his has more than earned the right to rest.


Brandao’s deputy on the board, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was selected to take up the position of chairman in his place. However, given the fact that Luiz Carlos Trabuco also served as the president of the bank, his previous position also became vacant. The bank is now engaged in the process of selecting a new president.

There is no hurry to name the next Bradesco president. The decision on who will take up the position cannot be made until 30 days before March 2018 – when the next shareholders’ meeting is scheduled.

Until then, the leadership of the bank will remain in the capable hands of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who is now both president and chairman of the large lender. While it is not known who will be the next president, it is a certainty that the individual will come from within the Bradesco group.

The bank has through its seven-decade existence cultivated the reputation of selecting leaders specifically from within its ranks. That would, therefore, mean that the next Bradesco president will be one of the senior executives who currently serve as a vice president at the bank.

The changes being made at Bradesco will not just end at the chairman and presidency positions. The bank’s board is also expected to undergo a big shakeup in the coming weeks. The board currently has eight members, drawn from within the Bradesco group but also family members of the bank’s founder Amador Aguiar.

This number has been deemed small for the ever-expanding financial institution, and the board will consequently be expanded to have more members. However, this will also come with the caveat that the new president will no longer have a seat on the board. With Bradesco now a giant bank with operations in all facets of the financial industry, it may be asking a little too much of the incoming president to have him fulfill the day-to-day duties of running the bank, while also serving on the board.

The latest economic results coming out of Brazil will bode very well for the incoming Bradesco president. After years of challenges, the economy looks to be finally rebounding thus creating the perfect environment in which the incoming president can start off his/her tenure.

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Paul Mamphilly’s Reputation in the Finance Industry

Paul Mamphilly is reputable finance professional who made significant accomplishments in the sector. He formerly worked on Wall Street and made millions of dollars. Mamphilly currently acts as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, which hired him in 2016. He has been assisting the company in providing advisory solutions to Main Street Americans on how they can gain wealth from technology, investments, small-cap stocks, and unique opportunities. Mamphilly runs informative newsletters such as Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes.

The first employer of Mr. Mamphilly was the Bankers Trust, which hired him in 1991. The Wall Street-based company appointed him to act as its assistant portfolio manager, a position that offered him a lot of exposure. He was later given a job by ING and Deutsche Bank where he had an opportunity to supervise accounts that had millions of dollars. The finance expert then got a better position at Kinetic Asset Management where he acted as hedge fund manager. The company had assets that were worth about $6 billion when it hired him, and its value grew to $25 billion during his tenure in office. Mamphilly was an excellent manager of the hedge fund and was able to increase its turnover to 26 percent. Baron acknowledged the performance of Kinetic Asset Management and listed it among the world’s leading hedge funds.

In 2008, the Templeton Foundation hosted an investment competition that the involved several financial experts. Paul took part in the contest and was a finalist. The firm offered $50 million to all the investors who were involved in the challenge. Mamphilly used his outstanding expertise to grow his share to over $88 million within the first year. The competition was held during a time when the U.S was facing a serious crisis in the financial industry. The volatility of the finance sector did not hinder Paul from making profits.

Mamphilly accomplished a lot while working on Wall Street but he is currently retired. The finance expert quit his career because he needed to spend more time with his wife and children. He was also focused on offering a platform for the small investors to accumulate wealth from their ventures. Paul wanted to support middle-income earners to improve themselves since he was tired of making money for the rich. Despite retiring from Wall Street, Mamphilly still offers advisory services to people across the world. Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum have advised thousands of Main Street American on their finances. Watch Paul Mampilly at Youtube.

Stay Inspired with Louis Chenevert’s Professional Chronicles

There is nothing that boosts the psyche of young business persons than a heroic story of an entrepreneur. Legends are there to learn from and help us achieve greatness. This is because we learn how to handle challenges and avoid the mistakes they did. With this knowledge, we become better versions of our heroes. Louis Chenevert is one of the most named personalities globally. Many investors continue to employ his strategies in their businesses.

Louis Chenevert was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. He acquired his bachelor degree in Production Management in HEC Montreal. He never let this skills stay in theory; he used it to build his legacy.
Louis Chenevert is popularly known because of his time as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). However, he had a long journey in his career before he got here. He began as an employee of General Motors where he worked for 14 years. Before he resigned, he worked as a Production Manager. He later worked with Pratt & Whitney, an aircraft engine manufacturer, where he was made the CEO in his first six years. This was a great time of his career.
Louis Chenevert was appointed as the CEO of UTC in 2006. This can be described as the boom session of his career. The Company deals with the provision of refrigeration gadgets, air conditioning gadgets, sensors among other high tech products.
During his time in UTC, so many changes have occurred. The Company’s share price has increased by almost 200%.He was also able to acquire the Goodrich at $16.3 million. This deal is considered the most significant aerospace deal in Americas History.
Louis saw the need to invest in future. He also sees many advantages that would come along with the presence of high tech energy. This was going to lead to the growth of the economy of the state in general.
Louis Chenevert did not only believe in future technology investment only but also in individuals. The current UTC CEO employees his strategies. He sees this as a way to maintain high sales. This is why they have a program to educate their employees. They ensure that they have degrees in their departments for quality output.

Daniel Mark Harrison, the Multi-Talented Entrepreneur

Daniel Mark Harrison is an entrepreneur of many hats. He is a dynamic author, prudent journalist and great editor. As a descendant of Harrison, the lineage is famously known for the money minting company called Harrison & Sons which was founded in 1997. Daniel Mark Harrison has an excellent academic background which has inspired many upcoming entrepreneurs and authors. He has a Master’s degree in journalism and a certificate in Economics he earned from 2007 to 2008 from Stern School of Business and Carter Institute of Journalism respectively. From 2005 to 2006 he received a degree in Theology from Oxford.

He also writes for global publications like the Portfolio Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and other online journals. Daniel is a renowned blogger, financial columnist, and also an analyst where he has covered many Asian daily and weekly columns. He also doubles as an Editor-in-Chief for CoinSpeaker. His writings have attracted many readers of approximately 450,000 readers per month. The magazine also highlighted cases of US drug companies that were releasing drugs said to be causing cervical cancer.
Daniel Mark Harrison is an entrepreneur who has strived to ensure that all the businesses that he has managed are successful. He has not disappointed in showing the world what his capabilities are. He has been abler to make the business he has been through very successful.

Daniel Mark Harrison has made tremendous achievements as an investor. Being the CEO and Chairman of a global investment company called DMH&CO, he has a family office that manages business operations in Hong Kong, Bangkok and another in Singapore. He also introduced factory banking, an online model for businesses and transactions called the Internet of Things (IoT).

Apart from Daniel Mark Harrison & CO (DHM&CO) which is a big property development company, Mark Harrison intends to buy Absolute Living Development (ALD) Company. The company will improve the costs of the units by 15% due to demand from experts who want to broaden it in advance. Daniel Mark Harrison is also an economic expert and a consultant on asset management. Daniel Mark Harrison is one of the great business people of our time.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Taking the Lead on Dentistry and Sleep Disorders

Many people think of dentistry in terms of medical procedures relating to the teeth. Dr. Avi Weisfogel earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University. He received DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. He has since completed a tremendous amount of research on sleep treatment in patients. He’s managed his own dental office since 1999, earning the best dentist awards two years in a row. He began to realize that most of his patients suffered from a sleep disorder. He set out to find more about this disorder and started taking courses to learn more about how to help them. His idea to treat patients with a sleep disorder is by using oral appliances. In 2012, his extensive research in sleep treatment and disorders enabled him to start Owners Unlimited Sleep Patients where other dentists from around the world could come together to discuss sleep apnea with sleep experts.

In 2014, Dr. Avi Weisfogel began Dental Sleep Masters which focuses mainly on sleep apnea. Sleep apnea affects about 10% of the population, it’s when a person holds their breath for several seconds or minutes during the night. It’s a serious illness that can lead to stroke and heart disease.

Dr. Weisfogel learned early on in his findings that people weren’t paying much attention to his belief of sleep disorders among dental patients. He spent quite a bit of money on advertising, billboards, tv commercials, and newspapers. Soon his persistence paid off. He strongly believes that if you want to follow your dream, you must write down what your plans are, that way they will sound real and you’ll have a greater chance of achieving your goal.

Waiakea Water Develops Degradable Plastic for Their Bottles

Pollution has been part and parcel of humanity. In fact, historians argue that the first instant of pollution occurred when man invented fire. However, pollution especially plastic pollution is currently at an all-time high and governments, NGO’s, businesses, and individuals are worried about plastic pollution. Although recycling was thought to be a solution, the menace that is plastic pollution is endangering humanity and all forms of life decades after recycling was first introduced.

Modern businesses such as water bottling companies and other firms in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry contribute immensely to plastic pollution because most of their products are packaged or wrapped in plastics. However, some companies in the CPG industry such as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water are concerned with their activities which contribute to environmental degradation.

Waiakea Water has made it a mission to streamline its operations to be eco-friendly. The bottled water company which was established in 2012 is working with leading emission experts such as CarbonNeutral and Ecometrica to develop eco-friendly industrial processes. In fact, it is the first American bottled water company to receive a carbon neutral certification.

However, the founder of the company, Ryan Emmons, is always looking for innovative ways of making his business more eco-friendly, and he recently announced that the company would embrace fully degradable bottles beginning next year. Presently, Waiakea Water packages its premium water in RPET bottles. Waiakea’s RPET bottles cost more than regular RPET bottles, but that is the extent the company is willing to go to minimize plastic pollution. Waiakea Water will be the first company in the CPG industry to make use of the degradable bottles. The soon-to-be-adopted bottles are the product of five years of research and over 1,200 experiments.

The concept of degradable bottles seems far-fetched by Emmons explains that with Timeplast’s additive (the first and only patented additive for nano-degradation of plastics), degradable bottles are a reality. According to Emmons, degradable plastics decompose 100 times faster than traditional plastics which take up to 1500 years in the environment. Although new technology is always associated with high cost, Emmons equates the price of Timeplast’s additive to the cost of aquamarine colorant of plastics.

Real Estate Entrepreneur Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is an entrepreneur in the real estate industry. He successfully founded his own company called Metrik Holdings and has built it into one of the most reputable in Florida. His company specializes in development, property management, acquisitions and equity sourcing. Before he started up his own company, he worked in the real estate industry at a company that was owned by his family. This gave him the experience necessary to learn how to run a real estate firm. While Strauch has been in the real estate industry for many years, he worked in banking before getting into real estate. As of today, Strauch has established himself as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the real estate industry with his ability to increase employee morale, maximize productivity and cater to the needs of buyers and investors and Samuel on Facebook.

After he worked in the banking industry for a number of years and then at his family’s real estate company, Samuel Strauch decided to start up his own company. When he first started up his company, he chose Miami because it had a thriving real estate market at the time. This convinced him to take advantage of a market that would give him opportunities to be successful. Using his relationships with numerous connections in Latin America, Samuel believed that he was in position to grow his company and make it a successful one early on in his entrepreneurial career. One of the ways in which he has made his company very successful is his approach to staying up to date with the latest technological trends. He takes on innovative projects that are able to benefit the younger generations of people who buy and invest in real estate and contact him.

Like most other entrepreneurs, Samuel Strauch does certain things in order to get the most out of each day and preserve his well being. At the beginning of each day he meditates which allows him to clear up his mind. With a clear mind, he is able to focus on his goals and what he plans to do each day. As well as meditating, he reflects on the things that he has already accomplished and what goals he has set for himself and his company. When it comes to his main goals, Samuel is currently looking to update his company with the latest trends in the real estate industry. On a regular basis, Samuel looks to help people own properties that will enable them to form a connection with their lives and more information click here.

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Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair

Wealth Solutions is a financial services company located in Austin, Texas. The company strives to provide long term relationships with clients on a regular basis. As a result, Wealth Solutions looks to provide a positive experience for anyone who seeks advising and guidance from the firm. What makes this firm a desirable one to work with is its investment advisory to a number of investors from all walks of life. In order to help clients, Wealth Solutions provides an active allocation strategy to manage the assets of the many clients the firm serves. Whenever an investor works with Wealth Solutions, they will get a financial plan that is personalized and comprehensive. As a result, they will be in great position to steadily build wealth and secure their financial future. Learn more:


There are a number of investors who are looking for sound financial advice. In most cases, they will often work with the large nationally based investment firms. However, their service is not always the most personalized. With Wealth Solutions, investors will be working with a firm that will provide them with assistance where they are treated as the most important individual. Along with personalized service, Wealth Solutions also looks to provide investment advice that covers a wide range of issues. Clients will often be guided on everything from securities to pension plans to how to save up for retirement and education. By getting both personalized and comprehensive service, investors have been able to successfully improve their investment returns by working with Wealth Solutions.


Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions and looked to build a firm that specialized in making a positive impact on the lives of individuals, families and those who own small businesses. During his lifetime, Richard has always been drawn to education since his mother, grandmother and wife were teachers. He witnessed the impact they had on others by helping other people develop knowledge and confidence. Along with valuing the benefits of teaching, Richard is also very knowledgeable in finance. As a result, he believed that his true calling was to advice people on how to engage in effective financial planning and successful investing. After graduating college in 1993, Richard started up his own firm in 1994 in order to provide quality financial services to clients. Over the course of his career, Richard has frequently improved on his knowledge and experience in retirement planning. This has allowed him to help clients plan for retirement and also on how to live comfortably as well.