Betsy DeVos promotes educational reform

Betsy DeVos is the current United States Secretary of Education. Though she was appointed this position in 2017 under the Trump administration, DeVos had been involved in education reform for more than 30 years. Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos have worked to promote school choice, charter schools, and school voucher programs, with the goal of providing the same educational opportunities to all students, regardless of income and location. In 2013, before her current government position, Betsy discussed her education reform goals in an interview with Philanthropy.


Her interest in education reform began when she and her husband had school-age children. At that time, they visited the Potter’s House Christian School, a school with the goal of providing an education to children from low-income families. Betsy was moved by the parents that she met there, who had worked hard to pay the school’s tuition so that their children could receive an education in a safe environment.


Betsy and Dick began to support individual students at the Potter’s House Christian School. Betsy felt that if she had the ability to choose a school for her children, other parents should have the same opportunity. While individual scholarships were helping some students receive a quality education, Betsy wanted to help as many children as possible. This led her to serve on the boards of two charities: American Education Reform and Children First America. These two organizations promoted school vouchers and tax credits to help children from low-income families receive an education.


Dick and Betsy DeVos worked towards education reform in their home-state of Michigan by promoting the expansion of charter schools. After their success there, Betsy wanted to promote reform nation-wide. She became involved in the American Federation for Children, whose goals were to inform the public about school choice and to promote new legislation for education reform. At the time of the interview, DeVos said that their efforts have had a greatest effect in Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana.


DeVos believes that as technology grows in the digital age, it will play a bigger role in education. With the widespread availability of the internet, the notion that education must be tied to a specific building will diminish. She also believes that charter schools can play a key role in education reform, providing parents with more school choices. However, she points out that charter schools take time and money to establish, which she knows from her experience establishing a charter school in Michigan with her husband. As an alternative or a supplement to charter schools, she believes that there are currently existing schools that can be made available to low-income families with voucher programs.


Betsy DeVos is committed to education reform and has been for much of her life. Her efforts have had an effect in her home-state of Michigan and nationwide. Her overall goal is that all families, regardless of their location or income, have the same educational opportunities.


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Flavio Maluf; Eucatex Signs a Binding Agreement with Duratex

There is an evolution of business in the wood panel industry. Consequently, Duratex has decided to sign a business deal with Eucatex. Apparently, the two companies share common interests, and that is the manufacture of wood panels, sanitaryware, metals and floors in Brazil’s southern hemisphere. Also as a leading manufacturer of high-quality ceramic tiles in Brazil, Duratex has sealed the deal that makes Eucatex a significant business partner.

The Exchange

Sources indicate that the contract allows the exchange of one of Duratex’s manufacturing facilities; DuratexBotucatu (SP) that majorly specializes in the export of wood panels with Capao Bonito (SP), Eucatex’s manufacturing facility. Perhaps the primary reason for this exchange lies in the proximity of the facilities. Well, the MDF panel will continue to be in business with Duratex just like in the past. Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

Benefits of the Partnership

The partnership is in line with the company’s business plan. As such, the two companies will benefit in the sense of earning a strong presence in the industry of construction. In addition to that, the duo will have a stable generation of jobs, revenue, and taxes among others. Moreover, the decision by Duratex has a complementary synergy with the resumption of operations in Itapetininga’s facility. This ensures a constant supply of products to the industry, a strategy that boosts the business as well.

Who is Flavio Maluf?

Flavio Maluf is the president and cheerleader of Eucatex Company. He is also the president of GrandFood, a company that supplies various types of food affiliated with Premier Pet as well as Golden. Being a business professional who doubles as a successful entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf has garnered vast experience, knowledge, and skills that enable him to give viable advice to emerging entrepreneurs.

The Overview

Malufbelieves that for entrepreneurs to succeed in their businesses, they need to account for the allocation of resources by monitoring the stocks exchange market shifts. To help such entrepreneurs further, he invests time in mentoring business professionals. In one of his talks regarding successful businesses, Flavio Maluf insists that entrepreneurs must brace themselves for more work as business calls for enthusiasm.



Jeff Yastine’s Career and the Rush for Kennedy Accounts

On his blog, Jeff Yastine describes himself as an ex-financial journalist with vast experience in interviewing some of the best financial experts in stock markets, financiers as well as entrepreneurs. He continues to say that he did not just interview these experts but also garnered experience from their stories with the aim of empowering himself. Luckily for Yastine, the experts he interviewed were more than willing to share their knowledge with him. So Yastine invested time in learning more about investment. Currently, he is a successful investor. Here is a look at how Jeff Yastine got to where he is now. Visit the website to learn more.

Mr. Yastine attended the University of Florida for a course in journalism. After graduation, he got a job as a television reporter in North Carolina. Yastine worked in various markets including in Raleigh-Durham. Perhaps that is how he was introduced to the industry of careers. Yastine was lucky to get an employment opportunity at Nightly Business Report, an affiliate of PBS. He worked as a reporter and often interviewed top-notch investors with Warren Buffet topping the list.

Yastine worked as the program’s top anchor. At that moment, it was evident that newscast had a relatively higher turnout regarding viewership. That was an added advantage to Yastine.

Moreover, he was helpful in identifying early investment opportunities for viewers of NBR. Among them were companies that later became substantial stock winners. Some of the companies he recognized and have been successful include Carnival Corp and Royal Caribbean.

Jeff Yastine learned a lot about international finance and markets. His success is majorly attributed to his experience in interviewing the likes of laureate Richard Thaler, the winner of 2017’s Nobel Peace Prize. In the interview, Yastine focused his questions on behavioral economics. Having worked with various members of Congress, governors and even senators, Jeff Yastine was now ready to explore investment options. Follow:

As at now, he works at Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor. His input has been outstanding to the point of receiving great viewing from prospective investors. According to Yastine, everyone can make it in life. That is why he explains his position in Kennedy Accounts.

For more than 23 years, Yastine has studied the stock market. He says that the Jeff Yastine Kennedy Accounts are legitimate and have been proven to work. Famously known as Direct Stock Purchase Plans, only a few investors have risked putting their money in this investment docket. The Yastine Kennedy Accounts are strategically positioned to assist investors in making money.
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Ian King: The Miracle of Bitcoin

Ian King, the cryptocurrency expert for Banyan Hill Publishing, says that Bitcoin is a miracle. Nobody would have thought that it would have reached the current heights it currently occupies. Just to give an example, imagine if you started your own cryptocurrency from scratch and gave out one million of it. Would people think that it would be worth anything ten years down the line, even if you tell them that there are only a limited amount of your coins available in the world? The truth is that it is not so simple to start a cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, Bitcoin has thrived against all odds. Even when the prices have gone down, such as it did since the last peak last year, Bitcoin has always recovered and gone up in price. Ian King says that this time as well, the current drop will end up resulting in higher prices.

The truth is that there is only one thing that drives the growth of Bitcoin. It is all about the user base and how fast people are starting to join the user base. More and more wallets are currently being opened up. It would not be surprising if a few years down the road the number of wallets amounted to billions of wallets. If that happens, the price of Bitcoin will go up a lot. Coinbase is the number one app in the iTunes store. What if everyone who has a smartphone downloaded it and started investing some of their money in Bitcoin? The price would certainly go up after that. View for more info.

What determines the pace at which people start adopting Bitcoin? It all has to do with how Bitcoin users spread the word. When people invest in Bitcoin, they will often tell their family members, friends, and professional network about it. This will lead to more and more people investing in Bitcoin. This is how Bitcoin went up in price to ten t housand dollars in the first place. It all has to do with people talking about it and motivating others to download Coinbase and put a little money in Bitcoin, even just for curiosity purposes.

Nobody would have thought that Bitcoin would grow faster than any religion or ideology grew. Nobody even really knows who the real creator is. Bitcoin started out as an idea, just like all currencies. It is worth its price because of public opinion. More info can be found at


Todd Lubar: Obtaining

When one is successful there is a certain aura around them. People want to know who, when, and where did this person emerge to become such a great success. Few are honestly ready to divulge the secrets of their success, but some are quite different. People like Todd Lubar, a business man with experience in real estate and many other ventures doesn’t mind sharing his secrets and that’s what he recently did.

First, the apparent thing about Todd Lubar is that he always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From a very young age he was selling lemonade and hot chocolate while other children did the regular and played outside. Now he is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is very goal and teamwork oriented. Lubar believes in the classic concept of hard work being one of the most serious determining factors in success and it was instilled in him from a young age to do so. Building businesses and then inspiring others to come aboard is what he does, and it seems to work wonders for him. Check out Yelp to know more.

According to Ideamensch, Todd Lubar believes he can do this so well from his unique strength of positive motivation. By creating an environment that is open and free where everyone is on the same level he creates comradery between partners and employees. It is his belief that “one cannot be successful in business without also being successful personally.” Though it has not always been easy, and he feels that at times it was challenging having business doors and opportunities closed in his face just for him have to create his own path and direction. By being grateful and understanding of second chances he suggests it helps build loyalty on a team. Todd regularly helps smaller business by giving them these second chances.

In fact, that’s what he does as an entrepreneur, gives smaller business the platform they need to be successful. Furthermore, his fear from his younger years of not closing deals kept him on his toes and that feeling remains with him to this day. By staying on his toes and showing legitimate care he got a lot of customers and business because they can see the sincerity within him. This is what helped him when he first broke in to the real estate business along with his knowledge from working for the mortgage industry in his younger days. Todd’s goal is to get his businesses to run at 80% efficiency without him being present and it seems based on what we have learned of his mindset and approach to business that he will obtain it.

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Enhanced Athlete :Winning the case against Nutrition Distribution

Enhanced Athlete has been in the headlines for the right reasons – winning a case against its competitor. Their rival, Nutrition Distribution, had filed a lawsuit against them seeking to ban them from falsely advertising their products. Nutrition Distribution has filed more than seventy lawsuits against many other companies in the same industry. Not only has the company been filing lawsuits, but also sending hundreds of ceasing letters to other companies asking for settlement payments. This landmark case was heard in the eastern district of California in the United States. Enhanced Athlete, led by their attorney Michael Adams of Rutan & Tucker, LLP, emerged victorious.

Enhanced Athlete is a Wyoming- based company in Cheyenne. Joining the list of fitness and bodybuilding companies in the United States, Enhanced Athlete deals with products that help in building muscles, burning fat and increasing performance.

Just like in all other cases filed by Nutrition Distribution, the company was claiming that it is the leading company in the industry, but its sales are profoundly affected by the false advertising done by Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Athlete brought it to light that Nutrition Distribution had formed a habit of threatening other companies so they could compel the companies to settle the case for monetary gain. On the refusal to do so, the company would face substantial legal fees when defending itself against the claims of Nutrition Distribution. The company also said that Nutrition Distribution could not prove their claims and never had any case confirmed that its lost sales were related to the advertisements it deemed fake.

Enhanced Athlete, with the help of their attorney, was able to convince the judge and the court rejected the lawsuit. It agreed with the defendant that the evidence provided by Nutrition Distribution did not show any casual or speculative connection between the advertisements done by Enhanced Athlete and the plaintiff’s lost sales. Enhanced Athlete’s CEO, Scott Cavell, concluded by saying that he would not allow his company to be the next victim of Nutrition Distribution threatening scheme. He added that if the fitness and bodybuilding companies continue complying by giving Nutrition Distribution the settlements, the company might not stop the threats, thus urging fellow companies to steer off the said threats.

Enhanced Athlete has sister companies that cater to related industries. While Enhanced Coaching focuses on personalized fitness coaching, Enhanced Gear provides an array of clothing designed for athletes.

Paul Mampilly warning to bitcoin investors

Paul Mampilly is an experienced investor with over 25 years experience in the financial industry. He is one of the people who are doing very well in the financial industry. Mr. Mampilly retired from the Wall Street after he made enough money for himself and the organizations he was working for. He decided to leave so that he could concentrate on finding solutions for the investors who lacked basic information about analysis of the stock markets. Paul Mampilly is concerned about the low number of Americans who are benefiting from the sector. He started a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited so that he could educate investors on things they should look out for when making investment decisions.

Paul Mampilly is talented in market analysis. He has been in the industry long enough to know when profitable opportunities are available. He can also tell when the markets are faking out investors. He can know when there is a bubble in a particular industry. Bubbles are the worst things to any trader or investor. It is very easy to lose money in a bubble as it is easy to make a fortune. Success from a bubble depends on the ability to pull out of the investment before the damage happens. Bubble burst normally leaves investors with huge losses due to unprecedented fall in prices.

Paul Mampilly is warning investor to take care of bitcoin. Although many think it is the digital gold, there is a huge risk involved in it. Those who have invested in bitcoin risk losing their investment from the prices fluctuation witnessed lately. Prices were very high at the end of last year, but they have now plummeted. Paul Mampilly thinks that the high prices that bitcoin has earlier reached are unsustainable and anyone buying the digital currency at those prices is making a huge mistake.

Paul Mampilly has experience in recognizing a bubble in the market. The bitcoin issue is not the first that Paul Mampilly has seen. In 1999, he was still in the industry when technology bubble happened many investors in the technology stock lost money after the stocks prices dipped after rallying to high prices. Some had grown with over 2000%. Many investors had been enticed by the huge prices and made the mistake of buying at very high prices. When the prices dipped, there was nothing to mitigate the effect. Paul Mampilly sees the same fate befall bitcoin. It might take some time, but ultimately, the bubble will burst.

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Success, Wealth, and Power Go Hand in Hand with Humility, Giving, and Family for Hussain Sajwani

There are many reasons why Hussain Sajwani, chairman of the DAMAC Group is a household name. Many know him for his flamboyant lifestyle, others for his bombastic advertising campaigns for his exclusive real estate developments, still others for his close personal and professional relationship with Donald Trump. There are those who know him as the founder of the DAMAC Group and the guiding force that has turned it into an international conglomerate that spans multiple industries and financial sectors. There are also those who know him and his family for their extensive philanthropy and the generosity that they have shown to charitable causes both in the middle east, and around the globe. Yes, he is a man who is well known around the globe, but what most people don’t know about him is the story of how he came from humble beginnings to become one of the most powerful and richest men on the planet.


Hussain Sajwani may now eat his food with a gold spoon, but he was certainly not born with one. He wasn’t even born with a silver spoon. He was born the son of a shopkeeper who sold luxury ink pens and watches to the powerful businessmen who were cashing in on the economic boom of the late fifties and early sixties in the middle east. Uranium and oil were the new hope of the region and with the energy industry came a need for rapid and extensive development across the board. The men who came to Hussain’s father’s shop were men who were laying the foundations for this new world. His father dabbled in the real estate market, taking advice and learning what he could from those men and along the way a passion for real estate grew inside of Hussain.


As he approached adulthood Hussain decided to not follow in his father’s footsteps and be a merchant, but rather he chose to pursue a professional path. At first, he attended a medical university in Baghdad on a government scholarship, but he soon found that science and medicine did not have the pull for him that real estate and business did. After returning home he started the first incarnation of the company that would later become the current DAMAC Group. In 2002 the company took its current form as it expanded to take advantage of a government decree which allowed foreign entities to possess property in the U.A.E. for the first time in more than half a century. Within a few short years, the firm was holding under its management more than 100M sq.ft. of luxury real estate.


In 2013 Hussain Sajwani reached out to his personal friend of many years, fellow billionaire, international real estate mogul, and future president of the United States Donald J. Trump so that the men might team up on a project. In the end, they teamed up on not one, but two large projects. Both projects were for golf courses with the larger of the two being the TRUMP International Golf Course Dubai, which opened in 2017. The TRUMP International Golf Course Dubai, co-developed with Sajwani and the DAMAC Group is the largest and most opulent golf course and country club facility in the world. Lavish properties are what both Sajwani and Trump are known for and with this development, the men outdid even their own best.


Sajwani is more than just a businessman though. He is also the head of his large and successful family. It is his love of family, and the lessons that he learned from his parents growing up, that has led him to live the life of generosity and service that he has undertaken. He has given millions to charitable organizations to help those at home and abroad live better lives. He is a great example of how success, wealth, and power do not mean that you have to lose sight of the fundamentals of your humanity.

Hussain Sajwani’s Investments of Properties Development

Damac Properties is a renowned real estate company that is located in Dubai in UAE. The company was founded in 2002 by the current chairman known as Hussain Sajwani. Further, Damac Properties was founded as a branch from the Damac Group that had been established earlier in 1992. Over the years the company grew exponentially to be one of the most successful companies in properties development in the UAE and its environs. Again, it was also the first property company to be listed in London Stoke Exchange in the Middle East.


About Damac Properties’ Recent Project

Damac Properties recently issued a tender regarding a world-class development of a second tower that will be based in Aykon City along Sheikh Zayed Road. According to the given tender, the building will contain ten podium levers, three basements, and a ground floor. What’s more, it will have a complete area that will occupy 1.7 million square feet. Besides, the top-notch building is set to be 49 storied incorporating residential properties, a rooftop and secluded areas for entertainment. The company’s master plan of Aykon Plaza includes residential units, hotel, serviced apartments, spas, cafes, swimming pools, and office space.


Mohammed Tahaineh who serves at the Damac Properties as the senior vice president said that the construction of the tower in Aykon City is already underway. He also added that the piling stages of the foundations were completed and the company had already reached the tendering stage. Notably, the Damac Properties had been previously granted a contract by the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) that amounted to AED 600 million. Additionally, DAMAC Properties considers the Aykon City as one of its most significant development in Dubai.


About Hussain Sajwani the Founder of Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani graduated from the University Of Washington before joining GASCO Company as a contracts manager. He would later establish his first business in the catering industry in 1982. Sajwani’s investment in the catering business grew tremendously to be a leader in its sector where up to date it is still flourishing. He again ventured into real estate industry in the mid-90s where he was involved in building hotels in Dubai due to the high economic growth at the time. Today, the company has its portfolio in big cities in UAE including Beirut, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha among others.

Jed Mccaleb’s Great Innovations on Global Payment Solutions

Jed McCaleb is a co-founder of the renowned Stellar Organization which was established in 2014. He serves in the organization as the head of technical development where his motivation stems from investing in the technology to help in the improvement of the human condition. McCaleb is also responsible for having created a file-sharing network known as the eDonkey which is one of the largest platforms of its type. He was also in the forefront of the creation of the first bitcoin exchange that was done in 2011 and Mt. Gox as well. What’s more, Jed also serves at MIRI as an advisor which is an institution that focuses on research to allow for mitigation of risks.


How Jed McCaleb Perceives the Future of Cryptocurrencies

Jed McCaleb envisions that future transactions will be conducted by use of technology. This will include making global payments, stock markets, and fundraising due to the high technology advancements. McCaleb who serves as the chief technology officer at Stellar has been involved with the crypto organizations such as the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange. Jed’s primary objective behind the cryptocurrency network is to create a network program that can be used for cross-border transactions.


Moreover, McCaleb believes that future global payment will be made using the Cryptocurrencies where there will be a public ledger that no one can interfere with. Again, this will also incorporate different currencies such as euros and dollars hence ease of usage. Currently, the IBM is in the progress of developing the global transaction system with some of the large banks in conjunction with Stellar’s network. Also, according to Autonomous Next which is a financial research firm, the initial coin offerings have increased to an equivalent of about $9 billion in only four years.


Further, McCaleb anticipates that even stocks which are non- cryptoassest so far, will be assimilated into the digital platform using the given technology. He adds that in 10 years to come that all equity will be integrated through the blockchains as the demand for trade will naturally demand centrally controlled exchange of currencies calling for cross-border payments. Additionally, the piloting of the digital financial markets is already in progress where an instance is the securrency based in Maryland in which investors can purchase stocks using bitcoins.